Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mature Kids

Hmmm… When I am still a kid, I don’t think I know what is love, what is pakto, what is kissing, what is “go on ship”.

Kids lastime can be called as “suku” and ignorance. Only know playing cooking with grasses and flowers, playing kites, playing stones, rope jumping, playing marbles, throwing paper plane, coloring and etc.

Nowadays kids are playing hand phones, Sms, Psp, Game boy, Mp3, Mp4, Internet surfing… Some more already pakto. Really a BIG different.

Yup. Now is sophisticated ear. Kids also need to catch up as well.

Kids nowadays are also very brilliant. I found out they don’t really like kid’s songs, cartoons very much. They like drama about loves, hits songs. This make them learn a lot of new stuff and make them mature at a very early stage.

I had read news about a 6 years old Germany boy, Mika eloped with a 7 years old girl, Anna. They planned to get marry in Africa under a hot and warm sun. They brought along Anna’s 5 years old sister to be their witness. However, their missions fail when they caught attention by a guard at the railway station who then reported to police.

“Hey, little boy and girl hope u got a bright future in the next 20 years. You are brave and clever kids.”

What I can say is, kids nowadays are keeping abreast with the fast changing environment.

“Old boys and girls, catch up ya.. Don’t lose to them.”

Story Boarding: Egg
Comic Artist: Yolk