Sunday, December 31, 2017

Consistent achievement

Jordan's Kids Oral Care Review

What are the most common thing kids say "No" to? As for little yolkie, getting him to brush his teeth is the hardest!!

We tried giving him some tasty toothpaste and he seems to start brushing his teeth, but the trick doesn't last long enough. Before he got bored with the toothpaste, we need to come up with a new trick. Then both of us (Egg and I) were like *ding*, "Why don't we give him a new toothbrush?"

While we were puzzled on which type of toothbrush suits him, Jordan sent us a set of toothbrush for review!

When we received the parcel, little yolkie took out his favourite blue coloured rocket cartooned tooth brush!
It was a Jordan Step 2 toothbrush specially design for kid's milk teeth. This range of tooth brush comes in different colours and design. Look at his happy face with both cute designs :D

Without hesitation, we asked him if he wanted to try out the tooth brush and he quickly nodded. 

First look of the tooth brush, it has a small but wide head and a dual handle for both parents and kids, which makes brushing easier.
Noticed the blue colour bristle in the middle of the brush? It was designed that way so that parent knows how much toothpaste is needed for the brushing session. Brilliant isn't it?
The Jordan step 2 tooth brush comes with soft bristle suitable for young kids especially clumsy kid like little yolkie. He always brushes his teeth so hard that his gum starts to bleed. These soft bristle suits him perfectly!
Now with his new toothbrush, asking him to brush his teeth no longer a pain in the s! 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Problem with bringing kids to the cinema

Reminder for parents with young kids:  Always to do preparations before bringing your kids to the cinema. Here's some tips (from my experience)

  1. Always make sure they go to toilet before movie starts.
  2. Hide tidbits in kid's bag to keep their mouth busy. (The staff won't check kid's bag anyway)  
  3. Always choose seats near to the entrance and least surrounded so that it's easier if they want to go to toilet. This also reduce the risk of them disturbing others since you can easily *throw them out of the hall when they start flirting with girls making noises.
  4. Always check the rating of the movies. The staff are very strict about kids going for movies with PG18. You can always find out the details of the latest movies here---> Showtimes2u

Friday, August 11, 2017

Little Innoscents - Organic Baby Skincare

Few days ago we received this lovely package from Madre Natura. They were Little Innoscents Organics Baby Skincare range which are perfect for theeggyolks.

Little Innoscents was founded by an Aussie mom back in 2007 when Antonette Golikidis, the founder decides to make her own organic products which is 100% free from chemicals after having a hard time finding one in the market.  With her passion and love for all things natural, Antonette began making creams in her own kitchen. This went on for 10 months until she perfected the formulations of seven of the Little Innoscents products.

In this review kit that we received, it comes with a range of 9 different products. After trying them for more than a week, here's out honest review :D

Hair & Body Wash
After using so many types of body shampoo, this one is truly unique! As stated, it comes with spearmint and sweet orange essential oil. After giving Little Yolkie a quick shower using it, he totally smells like chewing gum!! haha! But it's really refreshing. Little Yolkie likes the smell so much and his skin doesn't feels dry at all! Probably it's pH balanced!

Winter Blues Vapour Balm
This is one of our personal favourite. If you've been following our blogs, Little Yolkie and I were under the weather last few weeks. Sneezing and coughing were like our everyday thing for the past weeks. This balm came in just in time!

It smells like our typical vapour balms but slightly milder, very suitable to young children. After applying on the chest, neck and the soles of Little Yolkie's feet, he gets to sleep better and eventually, heals better!

Milky White Toothpaste

The milky whites toothpaste is 100% fluoride free so it's safe for children who might accidentally swallow the foams when brushing teeth. Little Yolkie loves all types of berries flavored toothpaste and this strawberry flavored is certainly one of his favorite.

Paw Paw Balm
This is our most used balm after receiving the review pack! The paw paw balm is a multi-purpose balm made without petroleum jelly! It can be used for almost all skin conditions! Both Egg and Little Yolkie have very sensitive skin. After applying the paw paw balm for few days consecutively, their eczema seems to fade away gradually. The best part is, it doesn't feel as oily as those typical petroleum jelly.

Intensive Soothing Cream
This is supposed to be use as a nappy cream but since Little Yolkie no longer wears a nappy, he has not been having nappy rashes for quite some time. However, due to our hot and damp weather, he tend to have rashes and dry skins over parts of his elbows. This cream actually helps to stop him from scratching as it soothes the skin very well. In fact, I even apply it myself after shaving and it feels really good!

Here are the range of other products. Following are the properties and the usage of them!

Goat’s Milk Bar  
Goats milk - moisturising & skin healing properties - with Vit C, B1, B6, B12 & E  Manuka honey - potent antibacterial  
Similar pH to skin  
Ylang ylang as fragrance  

Suitable for : Eczema, Psoriasis,  Dry& itchy skin,  Body odour,  Acne,  Fungal infected skin

Moisture Rich Body Lotion
Ultimate hydration  
No mineral oil/petrochemicals  
Super food skin formulation - aloe vera, avocado oil, creamy shea butter

Suitable for: Eczema, Dry & itchy skin, Stretch marks

Hair Fudge  
NO isopropyl alcohol - dries hair & break it off  
NO mineral oil - coats skin & hair like plastic wrap  
NO propylene glycol - causes scalp irritation  
Paraben & SLS free  
Uses natural aloe vera, beeswax & sunflower oil  
Strong hold  
Don’t leave residues  

Suitable for: Frizzy hair, Hair styling, People with sensitive scalp/psoriasis

Sun Lotion SPF 30+  
Uses zinc oxide- physical blockers
No nanoparticles (creates free radicals)  
Water resistant  UVA & UVB rays protection  
SPF 30 blocks 97% UVB rays  
More important to reapply than to use greater SPF  
Hydrates skin - calendula, aloe vera, vitamin E  

Suitable for: Babies above 6 months, old  Travelers, Golfers, People constantly on the road, Athletes,  Schooling children & youngsters

All in all, the little innoscents range of products are

  • 100% naturally derived ingredients 
  • Hypoallergenic and pH balanced 
  • Naturally scented using the finest essential oils 
  • Australian Certified Organic – assuring authenticity 
  • Not tested on animals
These range of products are super affordable as you can hardly find any "100% Organic" baby products in the market with a price tag below RM50! 

If you're as thrifty as me (*ehem!), Madre Natura is giving away FREE SAMPLES!! All you need to do is

  1. Share this blog post in your Facebook, 
  2. Like Little Innoscents Malaysia FB page
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