Friday, September 30, 2011

Resort World Genting - HOW TO BE REWARDED?

If you’re a loyal customer of Resort World Genting, you should have own you very own WorldCard. If you’re not having one, then go apply for one and tones of rewards will be flowing towards you!
The WorldCard (the "Card") is issued by the issuing under the customer loyalty programme known as "WorldCard" Programme in Malaysia and administered by Genting WorldCard Services Sdn Bhd or Genting WorldCard Sdn Bhd (quoted from

Let’s talk about the rewards (the most important part). Basically, when you spend at the participating outlet through out Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, you’ll gain WorldCard points.

Visit WorldCard merchant for the full list of participating outlet range from “fashion & accessories” to “travel & entertainment”

Alright, now that you’ve shopped/spent and collected lots of worldcard point, you can now redeem your rewards with all the points you’ve earned. Choose any gifts, products or services that you wish to redeem. Then you present you worldcard (make sure you have enough points) and make payment via worldcard points on-the-spot at participating outlets. 

For your information, every 100 WP (WorldCard point) = RM1. In fact, you can even purchase items online via WorldCard Shopping!!

Other than redeeming rewards, you’ll also get to enjoy Special Membership Rates for Hotel stays, Theme Park rides, Shows & more.Sometime (if you’re lucky enough), you’ll get to enjoy special treats and events invitations to latest hit movies, members' only events, concerts & shows.

For the time being, Resort World Genting is offering 10 types of cards as shown below. You can click the cards below to see the details.

Being loyal Resort World Genting has its benefits too. I have WorldCarded, Have you?

Finally, we would like you to watch this video from ResortsWorldGenting's Channel. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Resort World Genting - WHERE TO EAT AND STAY?

Asking where to stay in Resort world genting is a dumbest question ever! Why do you need to worry about staying in a bus tops while there are 4 HUGE hotels in Genting that you can choose from but of course, it depends on you budget.
Maxims Genting
Theme park hotel
First world hotel
Awana Genting Highlands Golf and Country Resort
If you ask me where to stay, I’d suggest First world hotel. (for now you should have know that I’m the economy type =_=”) It’s also the only hotel that I’ve stayed during my previous visits to Genting.
photo extracted from google
It has the lowest fare compare to the other hotels but don’t doubt the quality of the rooms. They are pretty comfy and most importantly, they are clean and tidy! Thumbs up to the room service. Other than that, there's huge shopping mall (First World Plaza) located right next to the hotel.
photo extracted from google
 After settling the accommodations, the next thing to worry about is FOOD! Yes! That’s certainly a big problem!

The problem is not that you can’t find food until you need to eat grass, but instead, there are just too many foods to choose from!
Resort world genting had just launched their “Mountain of food” early this year by our most wanted chef in Malaysia, Datuk Chef Wan! The concept of “mountain of food” is about bringing all the local delicacies around Malaysia to Resort world Genting, not for display but to satisfy the taste buds of the visitors.
Original photo from
They serves everything from oriental food to continental food. Seriously, you name it, they have it! There are over 100 restaurants serving 200 over dishes and I can assure you that there will be the food that makes you droll.
If you ask me where to eat, I’d suggest the fast food chains. Eventhough the price is slightly more expensive than other branches in town but the food will certainly fill you stomach well enough for the hectic day! (hectic as in playing all day long)
Ok lah! To be honest, these fast food restaurants serves foods which are more economical compare to those seafood restaurants that might cost you a fortune if you’re just blue collar like me. But if you’re planning for an eating spree, then let your gluttony takes over you conscience and start eating all you want! I bet there’re no other places better than Resort world Genting for you to unzip your true-self of a glutton.

Here's some of my suggestions restaurants to try out by category
For the mid-range (photo fetched from google)
For the high-range (photo fetched from google)
By the way, you don’t really have to worry about breakfast as most hotel provide buffet breakfast for their occupants. If you still want to save more, then just stuff yourself with the delicious breakfast then start fasting until the next morning!
Enough tips for accommodation and food from me (the kiam siap traveler :D)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Resort World Genting - What to SEE?

To be honest, all these while when we visit Resort World Genting, we only visited the theme park area or the arcade area. We always thought that Resort World Genting is just a place for entertainment and not much for a sight seeing session.So, now's the question, what to see at Resort World Genting?

After some survey online, I just realized that entertainment is just a fraction of Resort World Genting. There’s this hidden side of the resort which not much people have known of. (Maybe just us that didn’t know about this -_-“) Seriously, this is a very big DISCOVERY for me!

Introducing the Awana Genting Highland Golf and country resort!
This is a hidden treasure right next to the theme park and it consists of a large reserved area filled with untouched rainforest.

Wonder what does this awesome place has to offer? I bet you’ll be surprise when you see the list below!
You can go for the Nature trial which you will be toured around the reserved forest and enjoy the scenery filled with exotic plants and rare animals. There were even trees over 100 years old! (Even older than my great great great grandfather!)
You can also visit the orchid and strawberry farm which is just a stone throw away. If you’re an orchid enthusiast, do look out for the rare grade A orchids which you rarely seen in town.
As for the strawberry farm, you’ll have the chance to pick your own strawberry right from the stem of the plant by using scissor and basket provided. Something that you must not miss is the products of fresh strawberry where you can get no where else but right in the farm such as strawberry milkshake, strawberry coffee, strawberry milk tea, strawberry fondue, strawberry pudding, strawberry cakes and many more.

Have you ever heard that you can actually find deer, bears and even elephants in genting?!! I bet not!! Well, you can actually get a very close view with these mammals or even walk side by side with them and feed them some food during the walk. Just head to the deerland and elephant sanctuary to experience all these.

There’s also a forest area for picnics which is located just a short distance from Resort World Genting known as Hutan Lipur Lentang. You can organize a picnic session with you love ones and also enjoy the cool yet clean streams.

This discovery has certainly change my impression of Resort World Genting! Now there're many thingsI've yet to see! I'm getting more excited to explore more about this wonderful resort!

All photos above were fetched from

Monday, September 26, 2011

Visits of the Bros!

Eggyolks + bros

What will happen when theeggyolks meets the bros? Haha! This is our first collaboration and it was really fun! Enjoy the comic below!!
In fact, the bros didn't really come to my wedding (my food were safe!!) but with this comic, it feels as if they'd really come! haha! Anyway, I'm looking forward for another collaboration! XD

Do visit the bros blog @

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Resort World Genting - Where to PLAY?

If you think Resort World Genting is boring then you’re WRONG! As the matter of facts, it’s one of the top “magical places” in Malaysia where Entertainments are infinite!

So, what’s SO fun about Resort World Genting? It has the coolest thrill rides in Malaysia and tonnes of games to play! Let’s go to the Outdoor theme park where you have more than 20 types of rides for you to choose from. The entrance fees are just RM 46 and you can enjoy all the rides unlimitedly for the whole day!
My favourite ride in the outdoor theme park is the Spaceshot. It’s the only place where I can scream like there’s no tomorrow!
As for Egg, she enjoyed corkscrew the most! (I know, I know, we’re the crazy couple =_=”)
If you want something less thrilling, the indoor theme park also offers a variety of entertainment and rides with only RM 30 per entrance.
There are even very interesting attractions such as Snow world, Genting Sky venture, Flying Coaster and Ripley’s Believe it or not! Museum.
Wonder how much you need to pay for all these? Refer to the price list below! They are also "super saver" packages for those who're going to try all the games and rides available or those who's going to stay for a longer time.

Theme Park Annual Passport WorldCardPay only once to enjoy 365 days of unlimited fun at Genting Outdoor Theme Park, First World Indoor Theme Park and Rainforest Splash Pool!
WorldCard Rate (RM)MyKad Rate (RM)Normal Rate (RM)
Senior Citizen108128150

Great news to Genting Visitors!

With effect from 01.05.2011, you can now enjoy MyKad/WorldCard rate on Genting Theme Park Ride pass purchase! Enjoy the GREAT DISCOUNTS now!

*Terms & conditions apply.  
All Park*One Day Unlimited Ride Pass*Two Days Unlimited Ride Pass*Express Pass
Normal (RM)MyKad/WorldCard(RM)Normal (RM)MyKad/WorldCard(RM)Normal (RM)MyKad/WorldCard(RM)
Adult / Teen826212493147110
Senior Citizen554185639973
Family Package247185Not AvailableNot Available
All Park refers to First World Indoor Theme Park, Outdoor Theme Park & Rainforest Splash Pool.
First World Indoor Theme Park*One Day Unlimited Ride Pass*Express PassPay Per Ride Pass
Normal (RM)MyKad/WorldCard(RM)Normal (RM)MyKad/WorldCard(RM)Normal (RM)MyKad/WorldCard(RM)
Adult / Teen403072548
Senior Citizen201434258
Family Package137102Not AvailableNot Available
First World Indoor Theme Park includes Rainforest Splash Pool.
Outdoor Theme Park*One Day Unlimited Ride Pass*Two Days Unlimited Ride Pass*Express Pass*Evening Pass
Normal (RM)MyKad/
Normal (RM)MyKad/
Normal (RM)MyKad/
Normal (RM)MyKad/
Adult / Teen62469570110823022
Senior Citizen4031654872552015
Family Package184138Not AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Signature AttractionsSnowWorldFlying CoasterSky Venture
Normal (RM)MyKad/WorldCard(RM)Normal (RM)MyKad/WorldCard(RM)Normal (RM)MyKad/WorldCard(RM)
Adult / Child252012125038
Family PackageNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available

Do check out their website for details or check out their facebook!

After writing this post, I felt like going to Genting again! Anymore Zero Fair from Kuching-KL? =_="