Monday, September 26, 2011

Visits of the Bros!

Eggyolks + bros

What will happen when theeggyolks meets the bros? Haha! This is our first collaboration and it was really fun! Enjoy the comic below!!
In fact, the bros didn't really come to my wedding (my food were safe!!) but with this comic, it feels as if they'd really come! haha! Anyway, I'm looking forward for another collaboration! XD

Do visit the bros blog @


  1. wahahah! the eggyolk version of me look so awesome le! nice!!!

  2. Ha ha ha.. nang lawak tok ku nangga at The Bro's blog.. ^_^.v..

  3. ernest ~ haha! glad you like it!

    Aki ~ LOL!! Kalo mereka datang, memang begitulah akibatnya!

    ladyviral ~ haha! luckily we're not starved to death >_<

  4. Havent visited u guys in a while. Congrats on the wedding. :)


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