Saturday, September 10, 2011

Krabi (part I)

Remember what I wrote about My dream in the rabbit year? Well, Airasia actually granted Egg and I a free trip to Krabi, Thailand. (flight)
We actually flew from Kuching to KL then only transit to Krabi. The price for return flights for Kuching-KL was RM412.  

After searching high and low for all the details of Krabi, we finally decided to fly over last Monday! After all, it was a week of celebration where most Malaysian were on holidays (including us!!) We went to Krabi for 4 days 3 night.

We actually booked our hotels through AirAsiaGo few months back when they gave 10% discounts to all the hotels offered. Not only that they have a wide choices of hotels, they also provide a lot of tour packages with very reasonable price! Let me list out the things that I booked (which I think is cheap after my survey)
Aree Tara hotel (deluxe room with breakfast for 2), RM339 for 3 night
Transportation from Airport to hotel – RM 64 (2 person)
*free krabi town day tour (heart of krabi town, tiger cave, farm outlet)
Krabi 4 Island Tour By Longtail Boat for 2 (inclusive of lunch and entrance fees)– RM130
*free hotel-airport transfer

During the 1st day, we reached Krabi at 1:25pm (Thailand time) and we went down to Krabi town for some shopping and visiting.
Krabi is just a small little town with some shop lets. Therefore, it’s better to book hotel near Ao Nang beach rather than Krabi town (my 2 cents). The only attraction in Krabi town is the night market which is only available during weekends (fri, sat and sun) We missed it since we were in Krabi during weekdays *sad ;(
Krabi or Crabby?
Krabi's Signature Traffic light
 Farm Outlet where all local products are sold
After the long walk, we checked in our hotel around 6pm. Aree Tara Resort is a 4 star resorts with very nice room! Seriously! It’s also quite near to Ao Nang beach where all the tourist attractions and markets located. But of course, there are more hotels which are nearer to the beach but you might have to pay some extra bucks.
Right outside of our hotel, there were quite a few of travel agent and Thai massage parlour. We went to all the agents and get their quotations *with a lot of bargain. Luckily, all of them speak (understandable) English. Anyway, after a series of bargain, we got the best quotation from this!! (named Dao, that’s how he she pronounced it anyway)

We got our 4 in 1 rainforest tour (inclusive of lunch) with only 800 baht per pax while others offered around 900-1200 baht. (RM10.25 = 100 baht, so do your own maths!)

We went to Ao Nang beach that night with missions of shopping and local treats. There were so much to see, so much to buy, but don’t forget to bargain! (Typical tourist spot)
As for food, almost all of them are selling the same food! Pizza, spaghetti, pasta, pizza, spaghetti, pasta and the cycle continues. *boring. The price? They were selling at 150 baht per plate while some offered a special promotion at 149 baht per plate! Kanasai! What kind of promotion is that? We ended up having our dinner in Subway!! Haha! Only 69 Baht!
We bought some souvenirs and t-shirts during the walk. The cheapest “I love krabi” t-shirt that we got was 120 baht (can’t find any cheaper) and those handicraft keychain was around 20-50 baht each.
Before we got back to our hotel, we went to buy the local pancakes for 25 baht each. It actually tasted like our Malaysia’s roti canai with different toppings.

This ended our 1st day in Krabi. Look out for our Krabi Part II where we go for our 4 in 1 Rainforest tour :D

By: Egg & Yolk