Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finally! A new header!!

I just can't think of anything other than Egg! *ehem.. So I ended up creating a brand new header featuring  "the Egg King" LOL!

Do comment on the artwork if you have any opinions! >_<

I also readjusted the width of our blog so that we'll have a bigger space to insert our (HD) artwork and pictures.

By: Egg&Yolk

Friday, May 27, 2011

Get you own domain with Exabytes

We’ve been in the blogsphere for more than 2 years but nothing has changed since then. We’re still blogging through “blogger” which has that annoying “.blogspot.com” behind our name. 
FYI, blogging using Blogger’s platform doesn’t make the domain yours and you are bind by their Terms and conditions. If you violate any of the service policies, your account might get suspended and you’ll lose your hard work. We might not be professional bloggers but at least, we want full control of our blog which we can tweak here and there for better interface.
We do have the urge to get our own domain name after seeing all the other great bloggers that have already gotten theirs and generating traffics like no body’s business!

Akiraceo got his in Nov 2008

chingy got hers in Dec 2010

Still waiting to be registered >_<

You see, it’s not that we do not want to get our domain name, it’s just that we haven’t find the right place to register one! There are just too many web hosting company out there giving different types of offers.
After surfing through their websites, we finally found one which might just be the right one. They called themselves Exabytes
Exabytes was one of the leading innovators in the industry that offers only the highest quality of services at unbeatably low prices! They provide a wide range on products and services from domain registrations to web hostings.
We were attracted by Exabyte not just because of it’s low price, but also their reliability. They have this 100 days money back guarantee where if you’re not satisfy with the products within 100 days, you can get your money back WITHOUT QUESTION ASKED! Wow! They sure are confident with their products.
Among all the products and service provided, our favourite is the Domain registration package!
In conjunction with their 10th anniversary, they are having this "DOMAIN FEVER 2011" where you get a chance to grab your domain with just RM0.99 for the 1st year. *OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, the price will increase bit by bit based on the number of queue.
 click here to see the full list of price

Other than that, they also have these “.my” domains for sale that starts as low as RM10 for the 1st year!
Once you register your domain with Exabytes, you will have full control over your domain name registered. Exabytes also provide you with a web based domain control panel for you to manage your domain name in real time. Furthermore, they are available to you either by phone, Helpdesk, or email 24 hours a day, everyday!
We'd better grab our domain name (www.theeggyolks.com) before someone else register it. After all, it cost only RM38 per year.
Worst of all, if someone took over our name then we'll become the fake "eggyolks"  forever =_="
So, if you also don't want to face this kind of fate, you'd better register your domain name before it's too late! If you need any helps in registering your domain, do visit exabytes! They have just the professionals you need.

 Exabytes (MY), giving you the "best" even when you pay only the "less"

This blog post was written for the purpose of joining exabytes' Super Blogger contest

By: Egg & Yolk

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to tackle hot weather?

Since the weather is so hot recently, let’s do something that benefits us from this super ultra mega giga tera hot weather!

Squeeze yourself into the fridge

Eat tonnes of ice cream

Dip inside washing machine

Hypnotize yourself

As for me, I’ll be doing the rain dance!! Hopefully it’ll work >_<

Monday, May 9, 2011

Penang delicious trip part 2

Do you know what is the most famous tidbits in Penang? It's the local dried "nutmeg"! 
In fact, these fruits can hardly be found in the land of Borneo so we decided to grab few packets home. We went all the way to the factory to get the freshest nutmeg product at the lowest price! This factory was built in a remote area near the hill "bukit mertajam" in Penang. 
 They sell a lot of processed fruits which we usually see in tidbits shops.
Nutmeg Ointment
Preserved Nutmeg

After buying those stuff, on the way back, we stopped near a road side stall for some light breakfast. They are selling pretty decent Ice Kacang with generous amount of toppings! Other than that, their size of the bowl were double compared to those sold in Kuching!
They also have the famous "red bean cendul". The taste is quite different compare to the normal "red bean cendul" we have in Kuching. It taste sweet but with a tinge of saltiness. 
Hmmm...very refreshing!! 

After having these icy beverages, we tried the famous Penang Laksa! Even the soup were cooked in a traditional way (using charcoal)
The soup tasted great! It has the right spiciness with thick gravy. Original Penang Laksa always tasted the best! Nyum! Nyum!

After all these, before we left, we grabbed a few stick of the very unique "satay rojak" which you won't find it anywhere in Malaysia other than this place. (correct me if I'm wrong >_<)  
It has 2 type of rojak paste, the original recipe and the spicy type. Egg preferred the original rojak paste as it has this thick shrimp sauce taste. While I enjoyed the spicy rojak paste since I love spicy food a lot! 
The good thing about these rojak is that you can dip as much rojak paste as you want but the bad thing is that, if there're too many customers and they dip the paste more than once, I wonder how the rojak paste will taste like...(rojak paste + salivas) -_-". Luckily we were the early customer that day!! LOL!
By the way, it cost only RM0.50 per stick! pretty cheap aye!

Next stop, we went to buy Penang famous "Tambun Pia" and "Beh Teh Soh" of Penang!
While we were searching for nice cookies, we came across these strange biscuit! Do you dare to eat?! =_="

More food coming up next!!!! Stay Tuned!!

By: Egg & Yolk

Monday, May 2, 2011

Penang delicious trip Part1

It was a long weekend last week (good Friday & Easter Monday) so we decided to go for a trip. 
As the title goes, we went to Penang! Not for the scenery, not for the historical buildings but for the FOOD! haha! 

We followed a good friend to Penang all the way from KL using the North-East highway. It was pretty scary at night when there's not road lamp and everyone is driving around 110km/h. 

When we reached Bukit Mertajam, it was almost 12 a.m. and our stomach were making all types of funny noises. So we decided to grab some breakfast dinner =_="
We went for famous Penang Fried Kueh Tiao

I just can't tell why Penang's fried kueh tiao is always so much better compared to those fried in Kuching. This stall is not selling ordinary fried kueh tiao but they fried their kueh tiao with salted duck egg! Further more, they only start their business during late at night until the wee morning hours. By the way, this stall is located at the "tua chiu ka" or literally translated as "under the big tree". (only Penangites know where the exact location >_< ..i guess)
After a delicious plate of Kueh Tiao, we went to "pek kong cheng" a.k.a "the front of uncle" for another round of feast. It was actually a hawker stalls area infront of the "Tua Pek Kong" temple.  However, we didn't find a seat because the place was too crowded even it was like 1 o'clock  in the morning! Guess what, they were eating "economy fast food"! We were like, WTH! I guess Penangites were so busy that they don't even have time for dinner =_=" 
We returned home for a short nap before heading out the next few hours. 

It was around 9:30 am when we go out for our breakfast at the nearby "pasar" in Bukit Mertajam, Pasar Awam Taman Sri Rambai.
Pasar with a heavy "S" >_<

We ordered few local specialties for breakfast.
To be honest, the food were so so only. Kuching's breakfast tasted better! >_<

Anyway, more foods to come.... Stay tune!

By: Egg&Yolk