Friday, May 17, 2019


I'm sure a lot of you have been consuming milk daily, especially those families with little ones. However, just drinking plain milk every day seems a little boring isn't it? In order to make little yolkie continues to enjoy his milk, we’d like to share some little recipe so that all of us can enjoy the greatness of milk!

Most of the time, little yolkie was given biscuits or cookies for breakfast but he had grow bored eating them. Even I would be bored eating the same food everyday.
So from time to time, we give him cereals with packet milk for breakfast. Chocolate milk is one of his favourite.
Not only it taste great, Fernleaf’s Milk are made of 100% Milk from New Zealand. This little pack of milk is filled with the goodness of milk which includes proteins and calcium needed by our little yolkie! The quality and benefits are guaranteed!

All Fernleaf’s packed milk are UHT milk which means it last longer with the absence of refrigerator. Kids can always bring the milk to school and drink them during their break time without having to worry about the milk being spoiled when the milk were kept inside their bags for long hours.
As parents, we sometime do noticed an excessive intake of sugar by our kids (candies, ice cream, puddings, soft drinks or even most of commercial formula milk). It’s never a good thing to consume too much sugar as our children have the tendency to become overactive. This is especially true when little yolkie ate too much sweet stuff and starts running around like an “America’s Ninja Warrior”.

Fernleaf’s Full cream milk has no added sugar so you can ensure that your kids are not taking too much sugar in their diet. By the way, milk without sugar actually taste better and more natural!

We love cooking and we spend most of our weekends cooking our own meals. The food that all three of us enjoyed the most will be Pasta with White sauce. Cooking pasta isn’t that difficult and it is suitable for both young and adults. With the usage of Full cream milk, making white sauce is just a few stirs away! It’s super easy.
I myself is a coffee addict. I enjoyed coffee very much but I need to cut down my sugar intake (my age is catching up). Those typical 3 in 1 coffee contain too much sugar, so I’ve been making my own low sugar caffe latte. Adding milk to black coffee taste so much better than adding creamer, and it’s healthier too!
Have you been enjoying your milk?