Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Happiest Moment

Few days ago, Egg asked me to write something about the happiest moment in my life. I paused for awhile then I began to ponder. During these few months time, things have not been going very well and apparently, there isn’t much happy moment that I can remember.
I was trying hard to scan through all my mental images searching for the happiest ones, and “ding!”, the answer came. My happiest moment will be the moment when Egg and I are cooking together.
Egg and I loves to eat very much (we've put on weight ever since we got married – a norm for married couples) and we have been using our kitchen as our private laboratory, experimenting all types of food!
We were thrilled to bits when we successfully created something “edible” which tasted nice. During this half a year staying together, we've been cooking during every weekends. I would visit the market nearby to grab some fresh meats and vegetables while Egg will be at home flipping through her recipe book.
Our most recent creation was our “5 spices” meat roll. It was our first attempt and it was very successful! It's fairly simple, you only need 5 spices powder, minced meat, finely chopped prawn, salt and pepper for seasoning and the beancurd sheet for the outer layer. 
We also did our version of Indian style curry chicken, sweet sour chicken by using left over mandarin oranges, our own version of home made chicken rice with butter, and my personal favourite, soy sauce pork in sweet sauce topped with fried garlic.
We also made our own peanut butter ice cream using the peanut butter cookies and fried popiah skin with sugary green bean powders. Sounds crazy? Haha! That’s how we enjoyed our weekends normally.
Ever since Egg started her new job, she has been as busy as a bee. There was once that she stayed in her office until 1 am in the morning (during the Sarawak General election). When she reached home, I was already slept like a log. When I woke up the other day, she was still fast asleep. 
She often left memos for me asking me to prepare my own dinner as she won't be back during dinner time. Sigh..what to do? We just need to work hard since we were burdened with all the installments. Typical Malaysian aye?

After all the working hours, the only time left for us to spend together left weekends. Thus, weekends will be our happiest moment when we can spend our time doing things we enjoyed the most, COOKING!

Too bad that we didn’t get to snap the photos for most of the food mentioned. How I wished to have all the scene of our experiment taken down with the latest Olympus Pen series camera. Not only that the happy moment of us will be preserved, we also get to recall back the strange yet yummy food that we’ve created! 

We might even open up our very own coffee shops selling all these stuff! Then I'll frame all those photos on the walls. Haha! Am I thinking too much?

Now with Olympus Pen Lite E-PL3, you can capture your happiest moment even at complicated angle because Olympus Pen E-PL3 comes with a 3.0-inch flip-out widescreen LCD monitor.

The new Olympus Pen mini E-PM1 is the smallest Pen in the Onlympus Pen series with dimension of only 109.5 x 63.7 x 34.0mm and 265g (including Battery and Memory card). Carrying an Olympus Pen mini E-PM1 is even lighter than carrying a bottle of mineral water!
How I wished I can get my hands on these gadgets and I'll have all our happiest moment captured without hesitation! 

Egg feeling content after all the cooking and "makan-ing"
This is written for the purose of joining Nuffnang & Olympus's "my happiest moment" blogging contest

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Krabi, Thailand (part 3)

Sorry for a long pause since Krabi, Thailand (part 2). Have been really busy lately with all the school works (if you're in the education field, you should know the stress of teacher during this public exam seasons)

I'm so sorry that I really can't afford to draw much during these few weeks. It has been hectic and I hope to draw more after November. A lot of ideas were flowing in but it came at the wrong time..

Anyway, to continue our travel post, this will the last part of the trilogy for our trip to Krabi. After going to Krabi town in the first day, then the rain forest in the 2nd day, we finally went to the BEACHES in the 3rd day! (the most anticipated beaches)
During early morning of the 3rd day, we waited for our transport at the hotel's lobby at 8:30am. However, due to the weather (a little bit windy and rainy), our bus were late for almost an hour!! Goodness, we looked like 2 noobies sitting on the sofa looking at one another =_="

 We were so afraid that they left us out for the trip, luckily they still come (despite the poor weather) by this little van/bus/lorry thingy.
We were the last group for this trip because the bus was almost full. We sat at the end side of the bus while there were few äng mo" foreigner sitting in front.
We headed off to the beaches where our "long"waited "long boat" was getting ready for the trip!
Some of you might ask why we choose long boat instead of speed boats, well, practically long boat takes a longer time to travel (slow bah!) compared to speed boat. And because of that, you'll get to  enjoy the tremendous view of the islands and oceans.

First up, we stopped at a tiny island named "Tup Island". The beaches were so clean and the water was almost crystal clear!
You can even see the fishes swimming at the shallow water (something you won't experience in the beaches in Kuching =_=")
Next, we went to the middle of the ocean for a snorkeling session. I was thinking of snapping some pictures under the sea bed but I was afraid I might accidentally dropped the camera so I decided to let Egg to take pictures on the boat. (Egg can't swim XD)
It was almost lunch hour after the snorkeling session, so the tour guide brought us to Poda Island for a picnic lunch. 
There were not much people swimming at this beach as it was not properly manage. One of the factor was that this island (Poda Island) was a private property. It was open for public with an entrance fees of 20 baht (around RM 2) 

Anyway, we had our tasty lunch (I can cook even better), we were give some time to walk around and explore the island. There were people selling drinks and ice creams but with super expensive price! can you guess how much is a normal RM 2 Magnolia ice cream being sold there? A freaking 150 baht! Equivalent to our RM 15! 
 I wonder why they put the coconuts there? To gain (ladies) attractions perhaps >_<
During the trip, we were give few bottles of drinking water to ease our thirst. We were surprise when they passed us the water. I mean, the bottle itself looks WEIRD!
Anyway, we continued our journey to see the most unique Island in Krabi, the Chicken Island. It was a 15 minutes ride from Poda Island and the island itself has no sandy beaches so we only stopped in the middle of the ocean to snaps some photos of it.
 Noticed the chicken head?
Finally, we reach our last island to visit, the Phra nang cave beach. This was the best island of all, the beaches were clean and the sand were so soft and powdery. This beach was famous for it's cave where the local gave offerings to the ancient fertility goddess
During this trip, the tour guide brought us around the beach and offered to bring us into to famous "princess cave". The journey was kind of rough so Egg and I decided to stop half way while the rest of the group venture deeper into the cave.

It was almost 4 pm when we head back to our long boat. The trip was fun but a bit tiring. Luckily the weather was good that day even it rains a bit in the morning. 

We returned to our hotel around 5:00pm then we went for our final shopping spree at Ao Nang beach. 
As usual, after searching for food here and there, we still end up having our dinner at "Subway"..hehe..

That's pretty much sums up our trip to Krabi :D We'll be coming back next time since there're so much more to explore! 

Thanks to Airasia! You've give us a very pleasant memory on this wonderful Island! (If you wondered why I thanked Airasia, read this---> my dream in the year of Rabbit 

All the photos were taken by using Sony TX-5 courtesy from Nuffnang & Sony :D

Will be travelling again by the end of this year. Guess where are we going! *hint, the currency exchange at the mean time is RM 10.85 > $100

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Walao Eh!! Wa Lai Liao!!

Nasi Lemak 2.0 was selected to be screened in our most anticipated Chinese film awards, the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2011! This is not something that happens everyday. It takes a lot of effort to get this recognition from the eyes of the world.

Kudos to Namewee and the team! You have made Malaysian PROUD!! woots!

P/S: Egg and I loved this film so much and we planned to collect the DVD version. Anyone knows where to buy it in Kuching? I prefer the original ones since I heard the pirated ones were "potong-ed" and the originals were selling at the same price as the pirated ones. :D

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Paint make-over by Nippon

Remember I wrote about my house being painted by using Nippon paint? Well, my entry had won me a RM3,000 paint makeover sponsored by Nippon Paint (MY) You can read back the entry here.

In that particular post, I blogged about how I painted my whole house (interior) by using Nippon Paint 3 in 1 and how wonderful the paint is. Since I've painted the interior of the house, I decided to use this RM3k paint job to paint the exterior of my house.
After contacting Nippon Paint, they allowed us to have our exterior painted (both front and back) provided it's within the budget. Nippon even helped us to choose the combination of colours following the latest trend. They have scheduled our painting service on the 30th of September so we waited anxiously for the day to come :D

30th September 2011, 08:14 hours

The painters came with all the equipment ready. After looking around and referring to the plan, the paint jobs started! We were given the high quality outdoor paints, the Nippon Weatherbond Advance! I was told that this paint can last for 8 years! No kidding!

Painting was not an easy job, the painters we climbing up and down, painting over here and there, getting themselves splattered with paints all over their shirts, working under the blazing sun. It's tough! At the mean time, these 2 fellow were sleeping as if they were dead =_="
After the first coating, the paint was allowed to dry while the painter continued to paint the back of our house.
These 2 fur-balls still sleeps as if there's no tomorrow =_="
After the long day (it was almost 5pm), the painters stopped for the day and continued painting the next day morning. I guess the weather is just too hot for them to handle.

1st October 2011, 08:32 am

The painter came and completed the paint job. Due to the weather (rainy), the paint job was done only at noon even though the touch up works were not much. Anyway, we still loved the paint very much!
Egg checking the house while holding the Orange Nippon blobbie!

This was one of the most wonderful gift from Nippon and Nuffnang to us! We loved the newly painted house so much! Thanks again!