Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Happiest Moment

Few days ago, Egg asked me to write something about the happiest moment in my life. I paused for awhile then I began to ponder. During these few months time, things have not been going very well and apparently, there isn’t much happy moment that I can remember.
I was trying hard to scan through all my mental images searching for the happiest ones, and “ding!”, the answer came. My happiest moment will be the moment when Egg and I are cooking together.
Egg and I loves to eat very much (we've put on weight ever since we got married – a norm for married couples) and we have been using our kitchen as our private laboratory, experimenting all types of food!
We were thrilled to bits when we successfully created something “edible” which tasted nice. During this half a year staying together, we've been cooking during every weekends. I would visit the market nearby to grab some fresh meats and vegetables while Egg will be at home flipping through her recipe book.
Our most recent creation was our “5 spices” meat roll. It was our first attempt and it was very successful! It's fairly simple, you only need 5 spices powder, minced meat, finely chopped prawn, salt and pepper for seasoning and the beancurd sheet for the outer layer. 
We also did our version of Indian style curry chicken, sweet sour chicken by using left over mandarin oranges, our own version of home made chicken rice with butter, and my personal favourite, soy sauce pork in sweet sauce topped with fried garlic.
We also made our own peanut butter ice cream using the peanut butter cookies and fried popiah skin with sugary green bean powders. Sounds crazy? Haha! That’s how we enjoyed our weekends normally.
Ever since Egg started her new job, she has been as busy as a bee. There was once that she stayed in her office until 1 am in the morning (during the Sarawak General election). When she reached home, I was already slept like a log. When I woke up the other day, she was still fast asleep. 
She often left memos for me asking me to prepare my own dinner as she won't be back during dinner time. Sigh..what to do? We just need to work hard since we were burdened with all the installments. Typical Malaysian aye?

After all the working hours, the only time left for us to spend together left weekends. Thus, weekends will be our happiest moment when we can spend our time doing things we enjoyed the most, COOKING!

Too bad that we didn’t get to snap the photos for most of the food mentioned. How I wished to have all the scene of our experiment taken down with the latest Olympus Pen series camera. Not only that the happy moment of us will be preserved, we also get to recall back the strange yet yummy food that we’ve created! 

We might even open up our very own coffee shops selling all these stuff! Then I'll frame all those photos on the walls. Haha! Am I thinking too much?

Now with Olympus Pen Lite E-PL3, you can capture your happiest moment even at complicated angle because Olympus Pen E-PL3 comes with a 3.0-inch flip-out widescreen LCD monitor.

The new Olympus Pen mini E-PM1 is the smallest Pen in the Onlympus Pen series with dimension of only 109.5 x 63.7 x 34.0mm and 265g (including Battery and Memory card). Carrying an Olympus Pen mini E-PM1 is even lighter than carrying a bottle of mineral water!
How I wished I can get my hands on these gadgets and I'll have all our happiest moment captured without hesitation! 

Egg feeling content after all the cooking and "makan-ing"
This is written for the purose of joining Nuffnang & Olympus's "my happiest moment" blogging contest


  1. Yummy yummy..I understand how u feel cos I always try something new and special with my's the moment that we couldn't express through a single word. So enjoyable. It's a way to enhance our relationship too. Anyway, u guys are so sweet ^

  2. Waaaaaaa..why...why...why kitak masok juakkk..why..why..sik ada harapanlah kamek..why..why..hahahahaha..good one bro All the Best..Love it.

  3. I enjoy cooking and i like to makan most >.< Cooking together with our partner is really great. Thumb up thumb up. I like olympus too. muak

  4. yoggy ~ I'm so glad that you felt the same way :D

    JAI ~ Apa lah bro! Entry kitak lagi best bah >_< Good luck :D

    Ernest ~ Haha! Ask your gf to cook for you la :D

    Brandon ~ me too! I think most guys nowadays enjoy cooking

  5. excellent post! always been a fan of you guys and now even making real life appearance! :D


  6. Walaooo i baru saja buy the E-PL1! This one looks so much nicer and GAHHH! D:

    Fabulous picture btw! :) xoxo

  7. All the best! Don't think I could win when I'm up against people with good cameras and editing skills lol.

    Don't Be Afraid of the Dark - movie review

  8. cool lah.. gotta envy ur skills, and u js made me hungry.

  9. @kah yee ~ I heard that E-PL1 can shoot very nice photos o. It's good enough liao la XD

    toninkush ~ it's all about the stories and also the main photo. I read your story about your pet dog and it was really touching :D

    cyril ~ haha! wait i do more experiments (successful ones) then can belanja you makan :D

    mindy ~ thanks!! good to see you around :P

  10. Love the cartoons! Cute max! :D Nice post too! :)

  11. congrats on your winning. u deserved it. :D


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