Thursday, October 6, 2011

Paint make-over by Nippon

Remember I wrote about my house being painted by using Nippon paint? Well, my entry had won me a RM3,000 paint makeover sponsored by Nippon Paint (MY) You can read back the entry here.

In that particular post, I blogged about how I painted my whole house (interior) by using Nippon Paint 3 in 1 and how wonderful the paint is. Since I've painted the interior of the house, I decided to use this RM3k paint job to paint the exterior of my house.
After contacting Nippon Paint, they allowed us to have our exterior painted (both front and back) provided it's within the budget. Nippon even helped us to choose the combination of colours following the latest trend. They have scheduled our painting service on the 30th of September so we waited anxiously for the day to come :D

30th September 2011, 08:14 hours

The painters came with all the equipment ready. After looking around and referring to the plan, the paint jobs started! We were given the high quality outdoor paints, the Nippon Weatherbond Advance! I was told that this paint can last for 8 years! No kidding!

Painting was not an easy job, the painters we climbing up and down, painting over here and there, getting themselves splattered with paints all over their shirts, working under the blazing sun. It's tough! At the mean time, these 2 fellow were sleeping as if they were dead =_="
After the first coating, the paint was allowed to dry while the painter continued to paint the back of our house.
These 2 fur-balls still sleeps as if there's no tomorrow =_="
After the long day (it was almost 5pm), the painters stopped for the day and continued painting the next day morning. I guess the weather is just too hot for them to handle.

1st October 2011, 08:32 am

The painter came and completed the paint job. Due to the weather (rainy), the paint job was done only at noon even though the touch up works were not much. Anyway, we still loved the paint very much!
Egg checking the house while holding the Orange Nippon blobbie!

This was one of the most wonderful gift from Nippon and Nuffnang to us! We loved the newly painted house so much! Thanks again!