Saturday, October 13, 2018

Fernleaf UHT Milk 100% Mmmm...

If you have read articles on animal cruelty, I'm sure you've come across the articles about how cows and their calves have suffered just to produce milk for human consumption. This has then painted a really bad image for dairy industries throughout the world.
In order fight for these innocent cows and their calves, we should only support responsible dairy companies that take good care of their cattle. One of the most trusted dairy company is Fonterra, the company behind Malaysia's favorite brand, Fernleaf! At Fernleaf, the farmers take their cattle's welfare very seriously. Their cows are not their milk producing machine but instead, they are part of their family.
What makes Fernleaf's UHT milk so different from other milks in the market?
If you've been to New Zealand, I'm sure you've seen the vast green pastures. All these space, combined with plenty of fresh water and clean air, makes it ideally suited for dairy industries, and that's exactly where Fernleaf's dairy farm is located.

Because of New Zealand's favorable climate, cows are allowed to graze outdoor freely all year long which allows them to behave and eat much more naturally. All dairy cows in Fernleaf are 100% grass-fed with "all-you-can-eat" natural high quality fresh grass.

When cows are fed naturally, they will be healthier and eventually produce high quality nutritious milk. In Fernleaf, all cows are carefully managed by dairy experts where their cows are raised naturally without needing any form of milk booster especially those harmful (rBST)  genetically engineered growth hormone. And thus, all their dairy cow produces milk naturally!

Why did we call Fernleaf as diary expert? Well, they were established since 1893, that's exactly 125 years ago!! I bet no one knows about milk better than them!

When cows are happy, they stay healthy and that's how they produce 100% Mmmmm delicious yet healthy milk!

Fernleaf's UHT milk is made with 100% milk from New Zealand, perfect for all ages!

How can anyone resist such tempting milk product?! Look at how little yolkie reacts to Fernleaf's UTH Milk. It's a perfect companion for my little one :D

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