Friday, June 29, 2012

The Origin of Panda Bears

Well, that's basically why we have panda in China but not Alaska (the Arctics)

Happy weekend guys!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

It finally rains!

Kuching has been in a "drought" season for more than a week. Can you imagine the heat? It feels so hot that even you sweat when you have the air-condition turned on.

Now that it rains and finally the weather is being cooled off. It'll be a great time to take a good nap and rest.......but too bad.......Good thing never last......

Monday is coming ..

Friday, June 15, 2012

Julie's Biscuits - Our Companion

Julie’s is one of our favourite choices for our breakfast and supper. It has a wide range of products such as Sandwich, Wafer Rolls, Assorted Biscuits, Crackers, Oat, Waffle, and etc. We always have them during breakfast or even as titbits while we are watching tv,

Few years back, my husband (Yolk) and I (Egg) were in the same University. Both of us were arranged to stay in the university’s hostel. We always had hard time searching for the food that we like. It was because some of the foods were too spicy and some of them weren’t suiting our taste bud.
I still can remember vividly that one day I suggested having pot luck for our dinner at the student hall. As both of us stayed in hostel, so it was impossible for us to cook for our own food. (We are not allowed to cook any food in the hostel).

Therefore, I brought my favourite stock from my room, “Julie’s Peanut Butter Sandwich”. Hehe. It sounded quite ridiculous but it is my favourite companion during University period and even until now it is my breakfast everyday.

When I reached the student hall, Yolk wasn’t there. So I waited patiently for his arrival. Little did I realised, he was concealed behind a tin of Julie’s Assorted Biscuits. It was a real surprise that both of us brought Julie’s biscuit as our pot luck. According to him, he only had these in his room and the assorted biscuits enable us to have more choices to pick.

We had a wonderful “Julie’s Biscuit Pot Luck” that night.

 Julie’s accompany us throughout our university life and now it has become our essential diet everyday.

Julie's biscuits are not only tasty but the have passed the strict quality control and gained the certification of HACCP! Most of the products also comes with convi-pack which is so convenient and easy to bring around.

Julie’s, our breakfast supplement,
Fills up the emptiness of our stomach,
Kicks start our day with lots of flavours;
Julie’s, our every day snack,
Accompanies us in our daily routines,
Pampers us throughout the day;
Julie’s, our perfect choice,
Assists us to release boredom,
A biscuit for all ages;
Julie’s, the brand that bakes better biscuits.

This blog post is written for the purpose of joining Julie's "A Date with Julie's" Blogging contest

Sunday, June 10, 2012

It tasted like sh*t -_-"

If you'd followed our blog few months ago, you should have known that our Lala had given birth to 3 little puppies. They are now almost 2 months old and had been behaving actively like any other puppies at this age :D

Here's the cartoon version of them!!
Can you recognize which is which?? I hope it's significant enough >_<"

Things has been great so far, they were young but already very clever. They've known where to do their "business", when to go in to their cage and even when to come out once I said "Lai!!" 

They are still living with Kiki & Lala in the same cage because they're still young and need Lala's nursery. Thus, lots of funny things happened such as the one below which just happened this evening....

That Momo really went to take a bite of Lala's shit after Money went and had a sniff of it...does your puppies eat their poo poo too??

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The new type of Double Decker

Double Decker basically means :
Something, such as a vehicle, structure, or sandwich, that has two decks, floors, or layers.

We have Double-Decker bus

Double-Decker Taco
*Harry from One Direction (British-Irish Boy Band), drawing adopted from The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction

Double-Decker Burger

Now we even have Double Decker Millipede!!

We were surprised to see the double millipedes appearing at the back of our house. It's the first time we saw something like this and we wondered what they were actually doing...Egg's guess was making babies??!! Hmmm....

Anyway, since there's Double Decker millipede, then we're gonna have our own version of Double Decker too!

*swt* -_-"