Sunday, June 10, 2012

It tasted like sh*t -_-"

If you'd followed our blog few months ago, you should have known that our Lala had given birth to 3 little puppies. They are now almost 2 months old and had been behaving actively like any other puppies at this age :D

Here's the cartoon version of them!!
Can you recognize which is which?? I hope it's significant enough >_<"

Things has been great so far, they were young but already very clever. They've known where to do their "business", when to go in to their cage and even when to come out once I said "Lai!!" 

They are still living with Kiki & Lala in the same cage because they're still young and need Lala's nursery. Thus, lots of funny things happened such as the one below which just happened this evening....

That Momo really went to take a bite of Lala's shit after Money went and had a sniff of it...does your puppies eat their poo poo too??