Sunday, June 28, 2009

Samsung Imagination

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Written by : Egg (the "My Life Without You!" post)

The Egg Yolks' little banner

I have been creating a flash animation you guys to links us!(took me hours -_-")

Actually it's a very simple animation but because of Adobe Flash CS4, it gives me a hard time to do it. Compare to Macromedia Flash MX, 6 years ago ( old liao), flash mx was so much easier and user friendly. Anyway, I'm still learning the action script for doing animations using Flash CS4. Hopefully next time there will be animations in this blog instead of plain pictures only :P

For those who might wonder where I upload the .swf files, you can do it in google sites. If you have a google account, you can use it straight without going through all those registrations anymore. Regarding on how to embed the .swf file into your post in blog spot, you can read it here.

*Thanks to egg! She wad the one who manage to put up the "link us" banner! Thanks a million!!! Guys! do link us ya :)

By: Yolk
Scripting: Egg

Monday, June 22, 2009

Speak Up Malaysia!

Digi & Nuffnang are organizing the Speak Up Malaysia contest. You can be awarded with attracting prizes by contributing your thoughts on how to improve Malaysia and hope for that change.

So people! Speak up and let our voices be heard! We have the power to change!

Actually we have already sent the mms with the caption “Subsidize laptops for students to replace overloaded school bags

When I was young, I really hate my school bag. Why? It was just too heavy! I had been carrying tones of books to school and vice versa. Isn’t that troublesome? I believe you were once a student or even you’re still a student and you sure have the same experience!

Even though I no longer need to carry those bags but I still see a lot of children are carrying them. It’s really pity to see those students having those overloaded bags. Books are good in a sense but overloaded books can cause serious health problems especially to those growing children.

Can we lighten their burden?

Yes, we can. In this sophisticated era, we can compile all the education material and information into software for our fellow students. Therefore, the only thing that students have to bring to school is laptops instead of heavy bags. It is an effective method either in teaching or learning. Both health and educations are equally important. As a Chinese proverb goes, shooting two birds with one stone.

In fact, the Terengganu state government had started this project in 2008. Soon enough, all students in Terengganu will have laptop to replace their thick, heavy textbook.

I hope the overloaded heavy school bags can be replaced by laptops all around the states very soon.

Idea + Story Boarding: Egg
Comic Artist: Yolk

Friday, June 19, 2009

Rediscovering the Wonders of Milk

Milk Loves You
I can still remember vividly when I was a kid, I had very strong imagination.
I ever questioned myself, “where did milk come from?” Then I started to imagine, milk was from the process of a whole cow which means a cow can only produce a pack of milk. It’s kind of a waste if a cow can only produce a pack of milk.

So I don’t really want to drink milk as it was sacrificed from so many cows.

Only after further clarification from my mom, I realized that I was really stupid so I took the question mark off my head and started to drink milk.

Soon enough, I began to fond of milk. Everyday I think of milk. I ever thought of having a cow at home. Then I can drink it everyday by squeezing the milk freshly into my mouth. Then I will put pieces of chocolate in my mouth so that I can have the chocolate flavor.

But I was really building castle in the air as my house was too small to rear a cow.

During that time, the only thing I could do was asking my parents to buy the milk for me whenever I go supermarket. Dutch lady chocolate milk is my favorite.

I can’t express how delicious the milk is. But it is really my childhood companion, now I still like it very much. In fact, I’m not the only one who loves milk, my mom drink her Anlene everyday for strong and healthy bones.

We get lots of benefits from drinking milk. Milk contains protein, calcium, vitamins and nutrients which we needs everyday. It also gives us healthy strong bones and teeth. A packet of milk aids us slumber deeply until the next morning and kick-start our days with a packet of milk no matter where we are.

And here we go!
The Egg Yolks Rediscover The Wonders Of Milk!

*We are writing this post for the purpose of winning the Asus laptop from the blog contest.

Do vote us here . It's under the name Tan Chia Chiun

Idea + Story Boarding: Egg
Comic Artist: Yolks

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grand Margherita Hotel, Kuching

Two months ago, we've won The Borneo Post/ thesundaypost + Grand Margherita Hotel + Riverside Majestic Hotel contest and we were given a chance to stay at the Grand Margherita Hotel's executive suite! Seriously, we might not get another chance to go to such suite in our life time (erm..unless we got rich one day :P)

Since it's a suite (very big...we assumed) , so we brought along a lot of people for the stay which include Egg's parents and her elder brother. Well, Egg's brother didn't stay for the night. He's only interested in the SIZE of the room so he went there for a peek.

When we 1st checked in, we start taking pictures! (like sakai..LOL)
*sakai-people from the kampung who stepped into a city for the first time and were confounded by everything they saw.

The lobby

Room number 1042

Living room (Egg in the center)

3+2+1 Sofa

Dining table

Private Bar

Bedroom (king size)

Another LCD in bedroom

Outdoor swimming pool

At the pool side

We didn't get to go for swimming. Cause they are very strict where only proper swim wear is allowed in the pool (@#$%$%#^%!) What to do? Just sit there and watch people swim lor..

Kid's playground


Night view of the Hotel

2 free drinks at the bar

Bar right beside the swimming pool

Local performers

Nice wood crafting (with obstacle -_-")

That's pretty much the picture we took. We had fun actually and we're giving them a thumbs up for the facilities and services! For those non-kuchingnites, you might consider staying in this hotel if you visit Kuching someday in the future :)

By: Egg & Yolks

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Father's Day

My SUPER Dad!!

The Egg Yolks wish all the fathers out there "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY".

Do you want to have a caricature of you and your Dad?! We're currently doing promotions where we are going to do caricature for you and your Dad with the price of one person which cost RM25.00 or SD12.00. In other words, we're giving 50% discounts for your caricature!! Come grab yourself a caricature with your Dad now!!

Terms and conditions:

1. All caricatures drawn must have the picture of your Dad. (eg. you &Dad dad & mom, sibling & Dad, etc)

2. The promotions caricature is limited to two head per drawing.

3. Promotions ends at the 31st of June 2009.

By: Egg & Yolk

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blue Lagoon Steamboat BBQ buffet

As I mention earlier in our Joins post "The Borneo Post/ thesundaypost + Grand Margherita Hotel + Riverside Majestic Hotel contest" , we won a complimentary 2 days/ 1 night stay in the Executive Suite, inclusive of breakfast and dinner for 2 persons at Grand Margherita Hotel and a complimentary BBQ Steamboat Buffet Dinner for 2 persons at Blue Lagoon, Riverside Majestic Hotel. So we decided to go for the steamboat buffet last night.

It was quite early when we reached. It's around 6.30pm and there's no other customer other than us.

So we settled down and start taking our food preparing to steam and bbq. The environment is nice and everything is neatly organized.
Our table

They are offering a lot of choices of raw food such as fish fillet, squid, beef and etc.. (like what you see in other normal steamboat restaurant). They have those cooked dished too. such as fried rice, mix vege, curry chicken, fried oyster and some kueh-mueh. They also have a BBQ secton where there's a chef who'll help you to prepare BBQ food such as beef steak, lamb chop and grilled prawn. We din take the pic for the food cause we were busy filling our stomach!! LOL!

BBQ/Grill section

Almost forgot, there's an Ice cream section too!! (Egg's favourite)
Nice ice cream but poor camera...

They have 5 flavours for the Ice Cream which consist of Vanilla, Strawberry, Corn, Yam and Chocolate. They also have this chocolate chips, nuts and wringkles chocolate as toppings!

There's plenty of choices of food! Guess what's in the center? :P

It was almost 9pm when we finished the food and gain extra KGs, haha! It was a good experience for us to dine in at such steamboat restaurant. For your information, the actual price is RM40 per pax.
There's not much table available, so make sure you book before you dine in :)

Who's this cutie anyway?

Thankyou Borneopost!! Thankyou Riverside Majestic Hotel!! We had a great time!!

By: yolks