Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blue Lagoon Steamboat BBQ buffet

As I mention earlier in our Joins post "The Borneo Post/ thesundaypost + Grand Margherita Hotel + Riverside Majestic Hotel contest" , we won a complimentary 2 days/ 1 night stay in the Executive Suite, inclusive of breakfast and dinner for 2 persons at Grand Margherita Hotel and a complimentary BBQ Steamboat Buffet Dinner for 2 persons at Blue Lagoon, Riverside Majestic Hotel. So we decided to go for the steamboat buffet last night.

It was quite early when we reached. It's around 6.30pm and there's no other customer other than us.

So we settled down and start taking our food preparing to steam and bbq. The environment is nice and everything is neatly organized.
Our table

They are offering a lot of choices of raw food such as fish fillet, squid, beef and etc.. (like what you see in other normal steamboat restaurant). They have those cooked dished too. such as fried rice, mix vege, curry chicken, fried oyster and some kueh-mueh. They also have a BBQ secton where there's a chef who'll help you to prepare BBQ food such as beef steak, lamb chop and grilled prawn. We din take the pic for the food cause we were busy filling our stomach!! LOL!

BBQ/Grill section

Almost forgot, there's an Ice cream section too!! (Egg's favourite)
Nice ice cream but poor camera...

They have 5 flavours for the Ice Cream which consist of Vanilla, Strawberry, Corn, Yam and Chocolate. They also have this chocolate chips, nuts and wringkles chocolate as toppings!

There's plenty of choices of food! Guess what's in the center? :P

It was almost 9pm when we finished the food and gain extra KGs, haha! It was a good experience for us to dine in at such steamboat restaurant. For your information, the actual price is RM40 per pax.
There's not much table available, so make sure you book before you dine in :)

Who's this cutie anyway?

Thankyou Borneopost!! Thankyou Riverside Majestic Hotel!! We had a great time!!

By: yolks