Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grand Margherita Hotel, Kuching

Two months ago, we've won The Borneo Post/ thesundaypost + Grand Margherita Hotel + Riverside Majestic Hotel contest and we were given a chance to stay at the Grand Margherita Hotel's executive suite! Seriously, we might not get another chance to go to such suite in our life time (erm..unless we got rich one day :P)

Since it's a suite (very big...we assumed) , so we brought along a lot of people for the stay which include Egg's parents and her elder brother. Well, Egg's brother didn't stay for the night. He's only interested in the SIZE of the room so he went there for a peek.

When we 1st checked in, we start taking pictures! (like sakai..LOL)
*sakai-people from the kampung who stepped into a city for the first time and were confounded by everything they saw.

The lobby

Room number 1042

Living room (Egg in the center)

3+2+1 Sofa

Dining table

Private Bar

Bedroom (king size)

Another LCD in bedroom

Outdoor swimming pool

At the pool side

We didn't get to go for swimming. Cause they are very strict where only proper swim wear is allowed in the pool (@#$%$%#^%!) What to do? Just sit there and watch people swim lor..

Kid's playground


Night view of the Hotel

2 free drinks at the bar

Bar right beside the swimming pool

Local performers

Nice wood crafting (with obstacle -_-")

That's pretty much the picture we took. We had fun actually and we're giving them a thumbs up for the facilities and services! For those non-kuchingnites, you might consider staying in this hotel if you visit Kuching someday in the future :)

By: Egg & Yolks