Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Egg Yolks' little banner

I have been creating a flash animation you guys to links us!(took me hours -_-")

Actually it's a very simple animation but because of Adobe Flash CS4, it gives me a hard time to do it. Compare to Macromedia Flash MX, 6 years ago ( old liao), flash mx was so much easier and user friendly. Anyway, I'm still learning the action script for doing animations using Flash CS4. Hopefully next time there will be animations in this blog instead of plain pictures only :P

For those who might wonder where I upload the .swf files, you can do it in google sites. If you have a google account, you can use it straight without going through all those registrations anymore. Regarding on how to embed the .swf file into your post in blog spot, you can read it here.

*Thanks to egg! She wad the one who manage to put up the "link us" banner! Thanks a million!!! Guys! do link us ya :)

By: Yolk
Scripting: Egg