Monday, May 9, 2011

Penang delicious trip part 2

Do you know what is the most famous tidbits in Penang? It's the local dried "nutmeg"! 
In fact, these fruits can hardly be found in the land of Borneo so we decided to grab few packets home. We went all the way to the factory to get the freshest nutmeg product at the lowest price! This factory was built in a remote area near the hill "bukit mertajam" in Penang. 
 They sell a lot of processed fruits which we usually see in tidbits shops.
Nutmeg Ointment
Preserved Nutmeg

After buying those stuff, on the way back, we stopped near a road side stall for some light breakfast. They are selling pretty decent Ice Kacang with generous amount of toppings! Other than that, their size of the bowl were double compared to those sold in Kuching!
They also have the famous "red bean cendul". The taste is quite different compare to the normal "red bean cendul" we have in Kuching. It taste sweet but with a tinge of saltiness. 
Hmmm...very refreshing!! 

After having these icy beverages, we tried the famous Penang Laksa! Even the soup were cooked in a traditional way (using charcoal)
The soup tasted great! It has the right spiciness with thick gravy. Original Penang Laksa always tasted the best! Nyum! Nyum!

After all these, before we left, we grabbed a few stick of the very unique "satay rojak" which you won't find it anywhere in Malaysia other than this place. (correct me if I'm wrong >_<)  
It has 2 type of rojak paste, the original recipe and the spicy type. Egg preferred the original rojak paste as it has this thick shrimp sauce taste. While I enjoyed the spicy rojak paste since I love spicy food a lot! 
The good thing about these rojak is that you can dip as much rojak paste as you want but the bad thing is that, if there're too many customers and they dip the paste more than once, I wonder how the rojak paste will taste like...(rojak paste + salivas) -_-". Luckily we were the early customer that day!! LOL!
By the way, it cost only RM0.50 per stick! pretty cheap aye!

Next stop, we went to buy Penang famous "Tambun Pia" and "Beh Teh Soh" of Penang!
While we were searching for nice cookies, we came across these strange biscuit! Do you dare to eat?! =_="

More food coming up next!!!! Stay Tuned!!

By: Egg & Yolk