Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Problem with bringing kids to the cinema

Reminder for parents with young kids:  Always to do preparations before bringing your kids to the cinema. Here's some tips (from my experience)

  1. Always make sure they go to toilet before movie starts.
  2. Hide tidbits in kid's bag to keep their mouth busy. (The staff won't check kid's bag anyway)  
  3. Always choose seats near to the entrance and least surrounded so that it's easier if they want to go to toilet. This also reduce the risk of them disturbing others since you can easily *throw them out of the hall when they start flirting with girls making noises.
  4. Always check the rating of the movies. The staff are very strict about kids going for movies with PG18. You can always find out the details of the latest movies here---> Showtimes2u