Sunday, January 25, 2009

MY Astro 牛转乾坤庆团圆造势活动 at Kuching

Chinese New Year is round the corner. Everyone listen to Chinese New Year song? Seeing red red lantern hanging around? Shopping for new attire? Shopping for food? Or busy cleaning your house?

What had you done on 10-11 January? Going anywhere?

I had been to The Spring with my mum on the 10th January. We went there for the MY Astro 牛转乾坤庆团圆造势活动. Actually the event was held at The Spring for two days and four sessions that were:

- 10th January 2009
2pm and 8pm

- 11th January 2009
2pm and 5pm

I went there for 10th January, 8pm session because that session got my favorite Singapore Mediacorp artists, they are Fann Wong (范文芳) and Qi Yu Wu (戚玉武). I started to watch Singapore drama since I am in primary school. Still can remember vividly that I watched the video tape with my grandmother everyday after school. Until now I still like to watch Singapore drama.

My mum actually went to see Choo Hou Ren (朱浩仁) (Second runner up of Astro Star Quest 2008) because he is very talented. Another one from Astro Aec Evening Edition (新闻报报看) host, Gan Jiang Han (颜江翰) is my dad favorite. My dad likes to watch that show every night on 10.30pm but that night my dad didn’t went to The Spring because he doesn’t like such event that crowded with people. Hong Geok Jin (方爱凌) (Champion of Astro Classic Golden Melody) actually I don’t really know her because I didn’t watch the show. Hehe…

Astro artists sang Chinese New Year song 庆祝, and 大团圆. There were some games and quizzes for the audiences to participate as well. Wow! That night my favorite Mediacor artists were very charming, beautiful and handsome. I like them very much.

Fly fly fly . Fly up high in the sky.someone took a bunch of balloons

Guess what attracted me most at that night?

I found another little man which really attracted me. He seems to be 40++. This was the second time I met him. The first time was last year at 古晋嘉年华 (that night my bf won a Ogawa Magic Belt in the lucky draw.) That time this little man already fascinated my bf and I. This time he attracted me again. Before the event started, he sneaked into the VIP area and chased out by the staff. Very funny. Then whenever got games and quizzes, he will put his hand up and said here here. The first quiz that he answered was actually wrong but nevermind it was a good nice try. This was not so funny. He kept leaning himself at the VIP seat which made the staff headache. Haha. The staff kept forbid him from doing that and this little man kept staring at him. Very cute. This little man likes to take photo of the artist. But he was aiming at the lady artist. I even noticed he kept swallow his saliva. Haha. For your information, he was standing not far from me so I could notice him clearly.

When the artists started to distribute Ang Pao packets and poster, the crowd started to push here and there. I even almost fell down because I was standing in front and those people pushing from the back.

At that moment, I still got chance to notice the little man. Haha. He sneaked inside the VIP area and asking for Ang Pao packet. However, he was chased out again.
My mum and I had chance to get the autograph from the artists. Having a near look of my favorite artists. Wah!! They are very nice, beautiful and handsome oo... My saliva also want to drop like that little man.

Story Boarding: Egg

Comic Artist: Yolk