Sunday, January 18, 2009


Student now are brilliant and fast learner but also very hard to teach. Most of them are pampered by parents and the majority of them go for tuition. So they know more than what they learn in school. Since they can learn from tuition, most of them don’t really pay attention in school.

Some of them might don’t have any interest in study will be lazy and don’t pay any attention during teachers teach and don’t do homework. Some of them don’t do homework because they don’t know how to do... (Haha…I was the one who don’t know how to do and lazy to find the answer during my schooling times. But I will copy classmate work.

Teachers give a lot of homework for student to do but teacher…You know if one subject got 10 questions, one day got how many subjects’ homework they need to do? Sometimes teachers also need to give student a space to breath. Giving them so much homework, yet they need to attend extra co-curriculum, tuition some more…. Not only they don’t have time to do homework, they don’t even have time to watch TV as well. Students sometimes are very pity.

Teachers… Please understand your student. Give them more homework doesn’t means it will make the student be number one. It will make the student become no one. They will start hate to study. Don’t give so much homework.

I had read a news last few days. A primary five student from China didn’t finish his essay and his teacher twist both of his face until his right face skin tear down. Wah… Tear face like tear book le. The boy’s face was covered by blood and the teacher was shocked. She pasted back the skin on the boy face and held it tight. Then she sent the boy home. The boy’s dad saw it and rushed him to the hospital. The boy’s dad later reported to police because it seemed to be quite a serious punishment for a student who didn’t do homework.

Teachers… I know your starting point is good. You want all your student to be the best. But you are not the best as well. We are merely human. Nothing is perfect.

Story Boarding: Egg
Comic Artist: Yolk