Monday, November 21, 2011

How I wake up

Now that we have our 2 "built-in alarm" puppies, we never find ourselves being late at work because these two furry kids will give us "morning call" sharp at 6 a.m. every morning! I can't put my blame on them for ruining my dreams since yolk trained them to wake up at the time. It has become a routine that yolk feed them every morning before he go off to work. 
How I wished that I can sleep a little bit later =_="

written by: Yolk (on behalf of Egg)
comic: Yolk


  1. aiyoh! snore so loud until eugenia wake up! haha

  2. Cutebun ~ haha! yes they are ^^

    Mindy ~ you mean our puppies or Egg? >_<

    Ernest ~ kesian her lo..everyday don't have enough sleep. I'm going to have a panda at home soon =_="

  3. oh it happen to me too but i'm not married just have puppies...but i never train her to wake up early....she just like to wake up early...T_T more saddening than your case...

  4. You have described it very well. Now a day, I feel that, No need to go to out because Internet showing me a more information to read. Today I have got a new information from your blog...

  5. shut their mouth before you go to sleep


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