Saturday, February 14, 2009

What makes this bra so special???

Bra, short form for Brassiere, is woman’s undergarment worn to support and cover breasts. There are many types, patterns, designs, colors, cups, and even many functions of bra which provide better shaping and present a particular image of femininity.

Now Bra for men is Japan bestseller.
Is that means man nowadays has big breasts like woman?

Oh no!!!

In that case they can feed their own babies as well?
No no no!!!

This latest bra is exclusively designed for man to cover their breast. Men have wide breasts and are left uncovered all this while. It psychologically makes them feel unprotected and insecure. With the new creation of the soft shoulder strap man’s bra, which is slightly different from woman’s bra, makes men feel secure as well as a form of relaxation and give them a sense of relief.
Hello!!! Guys out there, have you try to wear??? How’s the feel???

Story Boarding: Egg

Comic Artist: Yolk