Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shits in KFC!!

Last night, Egg and I went to a local KFC restaurant for our dinner. Everything seems normal in the beginning until this happened... -_-"

While we were enjoying our food, Egg noticed this little girl few tables away from us. She was behaving very strangely at first, then she started to strip off her panties!! The strange thing is, nobody cares -_-"

After she took off her panties, she went into the "positioning mode" before firing off her "bombs"!!

We both said "Si Liao!!Ai Pang Sai Liao!! Ai Pang Sai Liao!! (Die!!She's gonna shit!! she's gonna shit!!)", but still, nobody cares -_-"

In just split seconds, here comes the most unwelcomed object !!

Both of us almost vomited our dinner when we saw that chocolate coloured thingy together with yellowish urine!

Guess what, the little girl's mother didn't even notice what her daughter was doing yet she was still chatting and enjoying her fried chicken!!

When her mom noticed her daughter was actually "shitting" in the restaurant, it was too late! The only thing she did was covered the "chocolate thingy" with a piece of tissue paper and left!

There's even urine -_-"

After seeing the scene, we lost all our appetite. So we went to tell the manager then left the restaurant.

I guess this is how the KFC staff's feeling after all that had happened.
(PCK, hope you don't mind that I borrow your "pekcek" cartoon)

Here's some conclusions that we can think off,

People is just too ignorant, or
KFC is just too delicious!!