Sunday, June 27, 2010

Worldcup Mania!

Ever since the official launching of world cup 2010, people around the world were affected by this “die if missed a world cup match” syndrome!

I’m not sure about western countries but those people in South East Asia were in the critical condition!

They watched football matches every night at 2.00am! They ended up going to work like a panda!

Well, that’s for working adults. How about the youngsters? They go crazy about football, jersey, and their favourite football player!

They played football day and night!

They spent their pocket money just to get their favourite football jersey

Some of them even tried very hard to imitate their favourite player!

I spotted this video in youtube about a Messi Wannabe who tried to show off his freestyle skill at a MRT station. Not only that he’s playing with the ball in the station, he even tried to outrun the train!! I’m not sure how he did it -_-“

Watch the video below to find out more!

After watching the video for a few (hundred) times, I finally made a conclusion of the mystery.

This guy has a twin.

What do you think? Any better answer for how he outruns the train?

By the way, emenang is organizing a competition whereby you can win an original World Cup Federation Jersey! Better off, you get to choose the jersey of your size and country preference >_<>

*A special caricature made for Lionel Messi!! :D

By: Egg & Yolk