Friday, June 11, 2010

Castrol's Clash of the Continents

Recently I’ve been feeling very sick. Most of my friends are sick too! I guess we are sort of like infected by a strange disease that only appears every 4 years -_-“

So far, there’s no cure for this disease yet but don’t worry about me, the infections only will last for 1 month. Egg will take good care of me during this period of time!

For your information, I’m diagnose with the “FOOTBALL FEVER”! *cough! cough!

With the 2010 FIFA World CupTM set to kick off in South Africa tonight football fever has started spreading across Malaysia like an epidemic. Almost everyone is crazy about football! Makan Bola? Tidur Bola? Minum Bola?

Some even Mandi Bola -_-“

However, I don’t think everyone is on the same side! Who do you support? Egg still supports England (even though David Beckham is not in the game this year). As for me, Portugal is my favourite team!

Who will be in the finals? Definitely not England! *slapped in the face by Egg!

Guess what, our local DJs are also a super fan on 2010 FIFA World CupTM! I stumbled across this video in you tube! They are just hilarious!!

DJ Jane and DJ Fara were fighting each other for the 2010 FIFA World CupTM! They sabotage each other through their cunning tricks! Somehow I find it fun to watch people sabotaging one another and see who’s with the most cunning plan!

You want to see how I sabotage Egg? Hehe! Watch this and you’ll know how I did it XD

In fact, both Egg and I were battling everyday! Because we always have different opinions and we always fights! (orally) So when we do the story boarding of the animation, we discussed the ways we’ll use to sabotage each other! We tried not to make things too extreme so we end up throwing bee hive and slimy frog, changing road signs to trick each other and my favourite is the pressing lift buttons part! Please don’t try that unless you really angry with the person in the lift -_-“

After all the fights, we call it a draw (My bee sting still hurts -_-“)

How about DJ Jane and DJ Fara? Who will win in the end and crowned with the “King of Sabo!”?

Here’s the all 3 episodes of the battle between DJ Jane and DJ Fara!

If you think that fighting head-on hurts, why not fight through the “Footie Gladiators” by Castrol Malaysia! Not only that you won’t hurt yourself, you can even win great prizes!!

Just log into your facebook account and start kicking balls! Ehem! I mean football -_-“

Other than that, Castrol Footie Gladiators is going to Rasta@TTDI and Forum19, PJ on June 11 and 12 at 8pm! Bring your friends along to watch the matches of South Africa vs Mexico and England vs USA! Other than that, there will be an outdoor multiplayer game happening where amazing prizes await the most skilled player!

Log on to for more information!

*this is an advertorial for Castrol Malaysia from Nuffnang

By : Egg & Yolk