Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rice Crisps! Extra Tall, Extra Tasty, Extra Healthy!

Everybody loves potato chips! Don’t you enjoy them as much as I do? nom..nom…ops..I forgot I’m still typing the blog post -_-“

Anyway, in all the researches around the globe, junk foods such as potato chips have been giving a lot of health problems to people who consumed it! What spoiled the goodness of potato chips??

You should have known it…

#1 killer – Cholesterol & Trans Fat

#2 assassins – MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

#3 terrorist – Artificial Colouring

Well, recently, Mr Potato introduced their new range of potato chips, the Rice Crisps!! What is so special about these new potato chips? Made of rice? Why don’t they call it rich chips??

I know you have a lot of questions here, so let me explain one by one. Erm..please excuse me for a while.. *opening another can of Mister Potato Rice crisps (hot & spicy)

Are they made of rice?? Well, not entirely. It is a combination of both rice and potato!

What’s so special about these new chips? Let’s compare and contrast.


To make it clearer, Egg and I did an experiment on both conventional fried potato chips and Rice Crisps by Mister Potato

*This experiment was conducted for entertainment purpose. Results may vary. XD

Worried about the taste of Rice crisps? Rest assures! It tasted even better than normal potato chips. The crunchiness is superb!

Rice crisps by Mister Potato come in with 4 flavours, Original, Hot & Spicy, Sour Cream & Onion, and flame grilled BBQ.

The original flavour tasted less salty which is
suitable to people of all ages especially those seniors!

Hot &Spicy

Hot & Spicy and Flame Grilled BBQ
are for those who loved heavy flavoured food!
(I was one of those!)

Not forgetting Sour Cream & Onion,
the most appetizing of all flavours!

What’s more? It comes with an Extra Tall Packaging loaded with 130g of chips which cost you RM3.95 (+/-) depending on the stores.

Check Out The Egg Yolks' version of "Rice Crisps by Mister Potato" ads!!

Thank you for reading our Extra Tall post :D

*This Post was written for the purpose of joining "Munch, Review and Win with Rice Crisps by Mister Potato" organised by nuffnang and Mister Potato

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. Your animation can be mr potato tv commercial la. haha.very cute.
    i found out ur potato is toy story character le.
    Nice post. the new rice crisps nice or not? seems nice.gonna try out

  2. This is very interesting!!
    Totally love the post including the ads. =)
    btw, all the best!

  3. wah, so nice, so pro!! =D I think soon can see your work on tv ^_^

  4. hello there!
    nice posting and all the best for u..


  5. "Congratz again for winning~!"
    100% sure this post will win la. comic draw so nice got flash too~! =)

  6. a very nice advertorial
    when will this product be on the market?
    coz i din see this Mr. Potato is selling on the market yet...

  7. Hahaha, i dun wanna be bald like u XD

  8. Good luck bro! :)

    Was good meeting you at Tiger Run.

  9. anonymous ~ haha! we do dream to have our animation on air (a dream after all >_<) The potato guy was from toy story and the fat "yolk" imitates the "puss in boots" from the Shrek! :P The chips was nice! very crunchy and less salty compare to normal chips.

    ohmywtf ~ thanks!

    areleling ~ This is only simple animations. I wonder when can we create animation like those in the tv commercials -_-"

    sharul ~ thank you!

    cherry ~ haha! we hope so!

    garfield ~ thanks! the product is already in the market but not in every supermarket. As for Kuching, we only found it in "Ta Kiong supermarket" -_-"

    kelvin ~ haha! so don't eat food with too much msg :P

    huai bin ~ Hey! Thanks!! We were SO glad to meet up with you during the tiger run!

    Seraph ~ thank you!

  10. Wow..after I saw ur post, it take so much courage for me to submit my post.

  11. Wow! Another nice blogpost. Have to admit I already lost few blocks away compare with urs.

  12. just to win, you wrote something that is not true. Potato chips can never be healthy. i dont think you really ate 4 cans of chips and get those result. so hopefully you don't wipe potato's ass just to win the prize.

  13. Monica ~ your blog post was nice actually!! really :D

    Joshua ~ our cartoon can't compare with your pictures la..really. I do hope I have those photography and photoshop skill like you :D

    anonymous ~ thanks for commenting :D For your information, the nutritious fact is a true fact, while the experiment was for entertainment purpose (you'll never get bald by eating 4 canister of potato chips -_-"). The whole post was written to show that Mister Potato's Rice crisps is healthier compare conventional potato chips. We never say that it's a healthy product by comparing with fruits and vegetables. Since we love potato chips, we only try to encourage our readers to option for a healthier snack such as Mister Potato's Rice crisps :D

  14. Hihi. Interesting post. Erm..Erm.. Please don't mind if i put a long comment here. Let's me give an example. If using refrigerator will destroy our earth, why everyone still using refrigerator? If we can't avoid to use it, why not we choose the environment friendly refrigerator in order lesser the damaged to our globe? Not only fridge, others appliances also the same. That is the same concept if we already attach firmly to potato chips, might as well we go for potato chips which is much healthier. Hehe.. Actually i am potato chips lover.I like, i fond, and i love potato chips. I will never stop trying and consuming potato chips product. I tried this new product also. Hot and spicy is my favourite

  15. another creative post. interesting :)

  16. Hahaha..another creative entry..gud one bro.. where you want to belanja us this time? I can start booking the place to eat already..ahaks..ahaks

  17. great review. i like it. very creative of u!

  18. allison ~ thanks!!

    john ~ hopefully!! XD

    JAI ~ haha! Win or no win, if you come Kuching, I'll belanja you eat >_@

    Jane ~ :D

    Anonymous ~ Thanks! we're glad you like it :D

  19. oooooooooohh i love love this!! good luck!

  20. OMG! So cute! Where to vote this?! *hushhush*

  21. wow wow..u r so craetive...i got the feeling that u will win it....really wish u luck and love ur creativity and artwork so much

  22. haha've won the contest! so creative lorr... thumbs up! :)

  23. hey hey ... congratulation .... it is really a great posting :D

  24. congratulations!!

    i like your animation :)

  25. whhhh really great entry! u're co creativeeee, congrat to youuu! :)

  26. deserve to win...all the hard work and creativity...i enjoy the review...

  27. congrats!! no way I can challenge this kind of creative review!! :D

  28. congratulations. u win the 1st prize ;)

  29. Wow~~ so cool!! I love advs and the review!!

  30. wonder u got the 1st prize...

  31. guys!!! thank you!! Thank you for all your supports!! :D

  32. Conngratsssssss!
    I really love yr post

  33. Thanks for visiting my blog. My first time visiting yours. Really nice! I enjoyed the cute illustrations.
    I didn't know about the rice crisps cuz I shy away from the junk food isle. This I don't mind eating!

  34. I haven't tasted Rice crisps yet... this is a good post.. :D


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