Saturday, May 29, 2010

Orang Utan vs Show Luo

It was a craze in Kuching yesterday (29/5/2010)!!Almost all Kuchingnites swarmed to the Spring Shopping Mall and people were jamming at the front door as early as 8 a.m.!!

What causes this craze??

Show Luo's meet-fans concert @ Kuching

Well, Egg and I was part of the crowd -_-" Egg got herself fond with Show Luo since the release of "Hi! My sweetheart (海派甜心)" and once she saw the ads of Show Luo coming to Kuching, she insisted to come and see him.

Well, can I let her come alone? I bet she'll become a real burger's patty after the show. Just look at the crowd -_-"

The crowd was really something! We can't even really see Show Luo at the place we stand. I have to stretch my hand and take pictures of him. Guess what I caught? *Nothing -_-"

That's what I caught -_-" (nothing to see at all..even if you bended your head)

Show Luo only sang a song that day and there were some technical problem with the sound system some more. It was quite disappointing for Egg so we end up going to see something else which was more worthy :D

Semenggoh Wildlife!!

In fact, we were really lucky that day. When we reached, it was around 2.30 pm and the Orang Utan's feeding time was 3.00pm everyday! So we got to see my cousins eating bananas! By the way, entrance fees was RM3.00 per adult.

A list of all my cousins -_-"

For your information, you can only see Orang Utan wandering around during the feeding hours at their special located feeding platform.

Walking to the feeding platform (200m walk)

Orang Utan nowadays are quite trendy @_@"

My little cousin appeared out of nowhere! All the visitors were shocked! In fact, Orang Utan can be quite dangerous if they are not handled carefully. They BITES!! Grrrr!!

Mother and son!

Feeding time! nom! nom! nom!

I'm so cool! (lower part)

I thought it was just a normal day seeing Orang Utan eating bananas and climbing trees, but we notice something extra ordinary that day!!

I just found out that Orang Utan was once a student of Shao Lin temple!


I did capture the wrestling of the two Orang Utan

We had a great time but it was quite tiring as we have to walk up and down in the forest just to see my cousins >_<

So what do you prefer? Orang Utan? Show Luo?? or both?

By: Egg & Yolk