Saturday, May 15, 2010

Count down to get balded!

In less than 24 hour, hundreds of man and women will be "monked"..ehem! balded!

Remember what I posted about helping those children with cancer? That's right! "Go Bald 2010" with this year's theme, "Go Balder than ever".

If you have yet to know such event, please visit their website @ or read our post here

Basically, it's an event to raise the awareness of the cases of children with cancer and their needs to get cure. Not only that, volunteers will get their head balded for the purpose of sending those children a strong message which sounds like this,

"Losing hair is nothing to be afraid of. Just look at my head! It's just as "kilat" as yours :D"

Me and Egg just went to visit their booth and there were all set up and ready for the big event tomorrow. A lot of people were there to support the event and get a pledge card to collect donations.

that's the place where volunteers will be balded tomorrow!

Haven't donate for those children? Visit the Spring tomorrow to do a good deed! You might get something good in return.

As for me and Egg, seeing those children smiling is more than enough :D

Here's a video to share around!
Go Bald 2010: Call to Action with Credit from Go Bald on Vimeo.

Hope to see you guys tomorrow!!

Place : South Court, the Spring
Date: 16th May 2010
Time: 12.00 pm
Things to bring: MONEY for donations!!

By: Egg & Yolk