Saturday, May 1, 2010

AZAM's comic competition

This was drawn for the purpose of joining the Sarawak AZAM comic strip competition in 2009 which we won the 2nd prize in the open category.

*egg laughed me for being like a turtle (hunch-back) in the last picture -_-"

Anyway, this is just a short update of the week. We are still working on a funny animation. Hopefully it'll be out by next week! Stay tuned!!

By the way, remember the Slurpee Funniest Video? We won the consolation prize! :D

Well, we didn't put too much hope in this contest as we only have "28" votes compare to those with HUNDREDS of votes. We were lucky enough to win the consolation and get a free Slurpee T-shirt! Will update it when the shirt is couriered to our home.

Anyway, Congratulations to all the winners! (how we wish to be the top 3 -_-") especially Tian Chad for winning the the weekly's RM500 and the 3rd prize!

By: Egg and Yolk


  1. Wah, specially mention my name =S
    Thanks for the congratz! Good luck for you too!

    Do you know that you are a good comic artist?
    I wish I can draw so well too!

    As why I won the 3rd prize? It is all thanks to all who voted including you. You have no idea how many people I have asked for votes ;p

  2. hahah...good ads campaign. police should use this kind of idea!

  3. Congratz ya :) and nice comic strips, hehe, down with the law breaker!!

  4. always winning.. haha.. i just suck at winning =P
    all the best! =)

  5. tian chad ~ thanks bro!! you deserve to win :D

    akuvision ~ the rakancop was a success! from the latest reports, crimes rates were reduced :)

    kelvin ~ haha!

    jayleo ~ thanks for visiting!

    areleling ~ thanks!!

    kenwooi ~ this is just small are a big winner when it comes to blogging! we always love you blog :D


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