Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kuchingnites got themselves balded!

Where can we see baldies? Not monastery. Not jails. It's the Spring Shopping Mall!! One of the most anticipated event in Kuching, "Go Balder than ever 2010" just got itself launched this afternoon!

It was totally packed when we reach the Spring.

Getting bald? Queue here!

Last year, this event drove 113 people to get balded and this year, they are targeting 300 heads!

Pictures are always a better than words, so I'll just show you the whole event through the eye of my camera. Hope you don't mind my camera's picture quality -_-"

Volunteers queuing up

Volunteers waiting for the artists from
cutting edge

Here comes the "tukang gunting"

Silas Michael from Go Bald crew,

Even the RTM reporter came and interview

A young church pastor that supports the event (GT Lim)

Even children got their head shaved!!

She certainly is a brave girl and we both think that she's really cute :D

A very supportive family that got 7 out of his 8 children to shave their head!
A big thumb up for you and your family!!

Well, that's all for today! Too bad I can't get my head balded today. Anyway both me and Egg enjoyed the event very much! We certainly hope that this event will go on for the next couple of years!

A round of applause to the Go Bald Crew and SCCS for giving hope to those needy children. Not forgetting all the brave volunteers and generous people in Sarawak!!

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. even the girl went bald?..salut2! myself don't have that guts!..huhu

  2. Yorke ~ yup! there are few ladies actually who volunteered to go bald! In fact, some of them look quite nice after going bald..really :D

  3. gobald is a retard event. yes u raised millions for the children with cancer. so what? next year you raised billions for the children with cancer. so what? you raised money for the child with cancer. isn't that wiser if you destroy all the product that can cause cancer? isn't that wiser to teach people don't eat kfc, mcd, sgb, bgk, mrb, burger, hot dog, nugget, keropok, french fries, barbecue, cola, pepsi, season, majerin... and prevent the children and adult from getting cancer rather than give them money after they get cancer?

  4. nice efforts, egg yolks! so fast upload already :)

  5. *Salute*
    Its not easy, esp for females:)

  6. Salute to all participants.

    Off Topix - Bro HAPPY TEACHERS DAY..lupalah you one of the teacher in Malaysia..ahaks

  7. richard ~ that's right! the Spring is very lively today :D

    John ~ I guess different people have different opinions. As for the money raised, they are palnning to use it for a new center with better facilities for the children. Regarding the product that cause cancer, even with millions of ringgit, I don't think it's enough to stop people from consuming them. Another fact is that, not all cancer is caused by unhealthy products. Cancer is an ancient disease, so it has other been around (long beforehand technology or other modern threats)

    Please read "" for more information :D

    Sibu food diva ~ we're too desperate to share the pics so we upload it as soon as we got back :D

    kelvin ~ yup! They certainly are strong mentally :D

    Ms Morrison ~ me too!!

    JAI ~ haha!! thanks bro!

  8. lol.. nice one! monks around.. haha =)

  9. kenwooi ~ haha! generous monks!

    jfook ~ it was great! I hope to see more charity events like this

    joshea ~ too bad..i didn't because of my job -_-"

  10. wow! very interesting n unique event!

  11. When a child suffering from terminal cancer is given news that he/she will have a higher chance of survival following a super expensive operation / treatment, should his/her family be unable to raise enough funds for the costs incurred, the Sarawak Chldren's Cancer Society (SCCS) will step in to help finance the opportunity to save a life. A child's life.

    The SCCS does so much more than aforementioned .... visit for more info.

    Anyway, a big thanks to all who came today for GoBald 2010. We had 405 participants shaved today of which 26 were female. It was awesome! God bless all who shaved, gave and supported the gig. Please continue to support the SCCS.

    PS: John, GoBald is more of an awareness campaign rather than a fund raiser project.

  12. John, saying it's a retard event is too much! These people are trying the best they could to help raise the awareness, who else can do it and support it if not us human. At some point, yes you have your good opinion but can it be done easily? So what have you contribute to help then?

  13. OMG this is very interesting!
    *SALUTES!* to all the participants.

  14. The crowd was really something...

    p/s.. this is wayy to late, but welcome back to Kuching. Really thought you were still in Sibu :-)

  15. voon ~ yup! it's unique and it's only available in Kuching!! XD

    Silas ~ wow! that's a very detailed piece of information there :D I'm sure John know's the meaning of the event after reading this :D

    Rodz ~ let's hope that John will understand the meaning behind the event and support it next year! :D

    nabil ~ yup!! salutes!!

    nana ~ bald was cool! seriously!

    cyril ~ yalor..i guess half of the crowd was from "blessed church" -_-" It's good to be back :D

    tan ~ if don't dare to bald, then donate something for the children is also a good effort XD


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