Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

Both Egg and I have always longed for a BIG fish meal as both of us enjoyed fishes a lot. So we went to look for the perfect ingredient for our Big fish meal.

First off, we went to the fish market near by our neighborhood to look for some fresh BIG fishes. To our surprise, we can't find any fish bigger than this!! (look at the picture below -_-") We end up going home empty handed..sigh..

big fish?? -_-"

However, that doesn't stop us from pursuing our intention of having a BIG fish meal. We end up going fishing!! You heard me right! We went fishing!! We thought that we might just catch some big fatty fishes for dinner!

After few hours of "eating west north winds" (literally means wasting time) my fishing rod starts shaking!! I thought I must have gotten something big this time. This is what we got...

Fish King Pizza leaflet on the fishing hook

You think we were disappointed? No! In fact, we were overjoyed! We found that Pizza Hut is offering Fish King Pizza that contains BIG FISH! It must be the biggest in town since there's only "ikan bilis" (anchovies) in the market -_-"

After reading the leaflet, we went home and changed then rushed straight to the nearest Pizza Hut @ Jalan Song, Kuching.

I went in and asked the waitress, " I saw your advertisement and it says that you serve pizza with BIG FISH! Is that true?

"Yup! That's our Fish King Pizza! Want to try it out?", she said.

"Ab-So-Lute-Ly YES!!!", we both exclaimed.

We waited desperately for the pizza and it came pretty fast! *thumbs up to the Pizza Hut staff for the super fast service :D

our garlic bread and mushroom soup

We gave the Fish King Pizza a big bite and it was extremely delicious! The taste of the freshness and the tenderness of the Alaskan Pallock Fish Fingers coated with crunchy bread crumbs just made us crave for more!

Alaskan Pallock Fish Finger

Not only that, the pizza was filled with a lot of sweet, juicy pineapple cuts, some chopped crabsticks, yellow onions and roasted capsicums.

Not forgetting the generous amount of mozzarella cheese that was sprinkled on top of the pizza.

An extra point for the bread crust which was soft in the inside and crunchy on the outside that just brought the pizza to a whole new level! Beating all the other pizzas available in Kuching!

Pizza's crust

Cheesy Pizza with HUGE fish finger!

Egg enjoying her pizzas!

Egg was caught red handed when she stole my fish!!

Ahhhmmmm! (super big mouth)

Both Egg and I fought all the way until the last piece of the pizza. Who will get the last piece?? The final battle between Egg and Yolk had just begun!!

one on one! come lar!!

No!!!!!! -_-"

One regular size Fish King Pizza was just not enough to satisfy our taste bud! What did we do? We re-ordered!!

Guess how many pizzas we ate?? XD

The Fish King Pizza comes in 2 size. For more information, visit pizza hut.




Very friendly & helpful staff of Pizza Hut

You give, I take..You don't give, I also take!

To end our post, here's a special flash advertisement we made for Pizza Hut's Fish King Pizza!! Enjoy! (quite interactive! so remember to click around) ---->please click the "play" button below :D

*this post was written for the purpose of joining Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut by nuffnang - Pizza hut
By: Egg & Yolk