Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dragon hunt day 3

After a good night sleep, we got ourselves ready for another day of hunting! Dragon hunting Day 3! Do read up what happened in day 1 and day 2 if you have time :D

As usual, 8th February was another working day so I had to skip hunting dragon in the morning. However, that doesn't stop me from cracking my brain trying to solve the mystery!

The 1st hint of the day: 绿洲 (oasis)
The first thing that comes to my mind was Reservoir park (Taman Budaya) or Taman Sahabat. Egg told me that a lot of people were guessing Green Gallery and other places with the word "green"

I continues with my work until the 2nd hint was released : 健康歌 (healthy song)

This hint was still very confusing since both park I mentioned were used as places for people to exercise so we waited for the following hint.

3rd hint of the day : 文化 (culture)

With this hint, both Egg and I confirmed that the dragon is hidden in Reservoir park because it is also known as Taman Budaya in BM. The strange thing is, there are people who thought it was our Cultural Village which was located all the way to Santurbong area! Anyway, the actual location for that little dragon was in Reservoir park, located behind a tree around the corner of the park.
It was found my them who "sweated" under the scorching sun. Anyway, I guess it worth all the sweating when you are rewarded with RM 1,500!!!!

After the morning session was ended, we got ourselves ready for the afternoon session's hunting.
The 1st clue in the afternoon: 白色 (white colour)

We were like......huh?
After some brain storming, I guess it was our square tower (white fort) in waterfront Kuching.
It was quite impossible to place the card there as there wasn't much place for you to hide it around this building. So we waited for the second hint.

2nd hint in the afternoon: 站在高岗上 (on top of a high place)

Egg told me that a lot of people were guessing the hills shopping mall and I think that might just be it!
I ignited my car's engine and speed off to the hills all the way from Samarahan. I have no idea what had happened to Kuching's traffic at that time. Jams were everywhere! 
By the time I reached the hills, it was 5 minutes before 3.30pm! I'm already too late but the good news was, no body finds it! *evil*

The rewards was brought forward to the next session!

Summary of day 3