Friday, February 17, 2012

Final Hunt (17/2/2012)

As I mentioned in the previous post, today's hunt was boring. Why? Because it was found too early!! Some Kuchingites are just too clever -_-"

Anyway, I'll just roughly go through the hints today..

The 1st hint today: 未决定 (Pending)

What more to say? Just go to Pending lar!! But wait, which part of Pending? hmmm.... My wild guess was the Industrial area but that area was huge.

2nd hint: 金丝雀(Yorkshire breeds of birds, a.k.a Kenari in BM) 
The only place which has birds in Pending area will be our MBKS stadium's park! If Egg and I can think of it, surely there will be a lot of people out there who thought of it earlier and faster than us!

Guess what? The dragon was found after the 2nd hint was announced.
These 2 ladies walked away with RM 3,000!!! $_$"

Quite boring isn't it? Found when only 2 hints were announced -_-"

Since there were no more accumulated rewards, the final hunt of the dragon will worth Rm 1,500 and we've been anticipating for it. Egg and I went to igloo during lunch just to use their wifi! hehe! While scooping our blended ice, we watched for the status update of the hint in Myfm's fanpage.

Here comes the first hint: 金珀石 (Amber)

Without much idea of what this rock was about, Egg went back to her office and I continued sitting in Igloo while waiting for the second hint. Someone said they had seen Myfm's staff in Crown Square so I decided to believe them since I seriously can't think of anything related to the 金珀石 rock -_-"

By the time I reached Crown Square, it was just 2pm and I saw some familiar faces(dragon hunters) leaving the tower. I approached them and asked for the status. They said the dragon was found in Friendship Garden (Taman Sahabat).

I was like, huh?! *with some sticky liquid flowing out of my nose* 

I'm totally confused and blanked when they confirmed that it was found there. I don't understand what the "rock" is related to Taman Sahabat?! So I asked around and found out that it was actually the Chinese character engraved on top of the gate of the park!
The last dragon was found by this family!
The final hunters who walked away with RM 1,500. 

RM187.50 each? Nah..don't think so.The dad will put everything into his pocket like a boss!

The last hunting session lasted for only 1 hour and most of the hunters were still confused with the hint. The saddest thing is, I didn't even manage to reach the right place before the dragon was taken away -_-"

Anyway, I just want to take this opportunity to thank Myfm for their efforts in organizing such a meaningful event and hope that they'll do it again next year! Searching snakes instead off dragon! 
I guess we'll look like this next year >_< *cough! cough!