Monday, February 13, 2012

Dragon Hunt day 4

After searching high and low since day 1, day 2 and day 3, I've gotten a little exhausted and disappointed. Further more, the weather in Kuching were not predictable as it will rain all of a sudden then the Sun might just raise in the next minute.

Anyway, the first hint on the 9th February was : 大草园 (grass field)
My first thought was either Song Kheng Hai Rugby field but Egg told me that a lot of people guess it was actually Padang Merdeka!
Since I'm not joining the search, I waited for the 2nd hint of the day.

2nd hint of the day: 13 = 10 + 3
Again.....a big question mark?

After Egg did some research online also read other's comment in MyFM's fan page, 13 = 10 + 3 actually means M J C. Where the numbers are actually the sequence of our 25 alphabets! 13 = m, 10 = j and 3 = c! Brilliant but still nobody found the dragon!

Then the next hint,  跨年 (new year's eve)

This hint actually confirms that the dragon is in MJC as the big field in the middle was once a location for new year's eve events. Dragon found? Negative!

Since the dragon was still hidden, the final hint was released, 望子成龙 (a Chinese idiom : wishing the children to be successful)

Some guess a school, while some guess colleges and yet the dragon was not found. When they finally announced the secret location, the dragon was actually hidden behind the biggest tuition school in MJC! Thus, the rewards was again brought forward..

9th February 2012, 1.00pm. 
The moment I've been waiting for!! RM 4,500 of rewards (after 2 session's accumulation)! The sky turned dark as if the rain were getting ready to fall. 

I'm a little bit reluctant to go for the hunt due to the weather but for the sake of RM 4,500 ,  I'm gonna hunt the dragon down by hook or by crook!! 

We waited patiently for the 1st hint in the afternoon session,

1st hint in the afternoon: 
hmmmm.... *deep thoughts*

Some of the hunters said that this is the tool used by Song Go Ku's friend, Zhu Ba Jie (豬八戒). (The pigsy below)
So they suggested temples in Kuching. However, as far as I know, we do not have any temples in Kuching that has ZhuBaJie and I reject the hypothesis. Then another theory being circulated is that this is the garden tool so it must be hardware store. 

Our Padungan street is famous for it's hardware store so I'm pretty confident that it is around that area. 
While I was on my way, Egg SMS me that the location is confirm at our Tun Jugah Shopping Complex because the 2nd hint was announced!

The 2nd hint of the afternoon session: 
Tumenggung Jugah
I rushed to Tun Jugah right away since it was located at the Padungan area. The place was so crowded when I reached! Cars were parked all over the place even on the yellow lines while people running around searching all over the places.

I stopped down for a while and think where should I go. I noticed that there were many people searching inside and outside. Meaning to say, I can skip these places since nobody found the card there. I then decided to try my luck in the basement car park.

In fact, I was not the only person in the basement when I reached. There were few guys walking towards the right side so I decided to take the left turn. After I reached the corner of the car park, I saw something reddish on the floor. 

My heart sweat flowed.....I kept swallowing my saliva when I got closer to the little red thingy...

It was the hidden dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I quickly picked up the card and rushed to the lobby looking for the MyFM's staff. They confirmed my dragon was real and I was the hunter of the day!! woots!!!
I guess Egg doesn't have to eat CNY cookies anymore this Valentine >_<

Summary for 9th February 2012

For your information, the garden tool for the 1st hint in the afternoon was not refering to the hardware store but it actually refers to the logo of Tun Jugah Shopping center.