Friday, March 18, 2011

Riddle: A division of cake

This weekend is going to be a busy weekend so I don't think we can post something long. Egg's going to her company's function while I'll be busy animating a new animation while working hard to finish my "brought home but haven't mark" test paper! =_="
Anyway, just to make sure you guys are entertained, I'm going to start a little corner with a collections of riddles. So here's the 1st riddle in our blog post!

 Give your best shot!!

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. Use two cuts in a cross to make four evenly sized slices of cake. For the third cut, slices the fifth child's throat, thus leaving four equal slices for the remaining four children.

  2. OMG Kelvin - you are cruel..

    Btw I hate riddle - making me unable to eat and sleep argh!

  3. hahaha love kelvin's answer! hahaha!
    i can cut it into 8 equal pieces with 3 cuts. 1st and second cut from a cross to get 4 pieces. 3rd cut slice thru the middle part horizontally. so divide the five pieces to the people and the remaining 3 pieces can toss into garbage. everyone wins. only the cake loses.

    dammit! when answer come out????

  4. kelvin ~ @_@"

    Jennifer ~ erm..I never thought riddles will give you such troubles =_="

    Ernest ~ Wow! nice guess! Answer will be out soon XD

  5. hey guys, if i have a cake to share equally with 5 people, i'll juz cut into half, then another make another 2 cuts for an 'X' and voila, i have 6 equal pieces, 1 each for the 5 people and the last piece is MINE! hehe..

  6. Take the first knife and cut on the left side of the cake ...a little away from the middle. Similarly take the second knife and cut on the right side of the cake a little away from the middle.
    Now take the third knife and cut the middle portion into V shape. So u get 5 pieces of cake and you are using the knives only once !!!!


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