Saturday, March 12, 2011

*toot! those PARASITE!

Egg and I were a frequent visitor to our local temple which is roughly 28km from town. Local use to call it the "green mountain"

It is located on a hill surrounded by a small Malay fishing village. Just by looking at the scenery, I'm sure you can feel how peaceful and relaxing this place is.

A lot of Chinese believer visit this temple during the "1st and the 15th" of a Chinese calendar to burn their essence for sky a.k.a "tian gong (sky grand father)" and few other Buddha inside the temple.

Anyway, today I'm not going to write about how great the trip is and how nice the place is, but instead, I'm going to show you the true colours of the "sickening" village's parasite which I hate them down to earth. Let's call them "Arshaul"

When ever you visit this place, the arshauls (few of them) will come near your car and acting as if they are the parking attendants and instruct you on where to park the car.

Once you parked, those arshauls will come to you asking for parking fees. Guess how much is that? It's a g*d da*n RM4.00! 

Even the Spring shopping mall with proper/professional security personnel only charge RM2.00 per car through out the day!

If you insist not to pay, they will start cursing you and force you to pay. Well, for a typical Sarawakian Chinese, they'll just pay them instead of risking their car being sabotaged.

Now, do you think I paid? The answer will be NO! and NEVER WILL! Luckily there's a Chinese Seafood Restaurant nearby which provide parking for their customers and they were protected by the government (JKK/DBKU). We were lucky enough to find a parking there.

When we went up the hill, there was another car came and park near the temple, so I decide to take pictures of the whole process of the arshauls begging for money.

*Please recognize their faces

I wonder how rotten they can get! Having both hands and legs working fine and yet they can't find a real job to earn, instead they prefer to sit there leeching for money from visitors. 

My questions are, 
Are they allowed to collect fees from visitors legally?
Are those parking spaces built by them?
Does our government approve them as a parking fees collector?

I'm not sure where I can get the exact answer for the questions posted above but I can definitely tell you that they are worse than OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) or I should call them OTU (Orang Tiada Upaya)

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. Haha....Imagine I am teaching these kind of people now. Really feel they should go for special education. Haha.

  2. time come with police uniform bro.

  3. mr loso ~ even if they go to special education, they won't learn anything la..just let them stay in kampung and become sakai forever la..

    y2j ~ I just want to exploit all their dirty deeds. I don't think police uniform will scare them cause I think the local policemen are at their side too...sigh..they just shamed Sarawakian =="

  4. Becareful though, these people always fight among villages. I witnessed a few myself that some took part in schools among students and some outsiders coming in to punch around. Haha.

  5. Its been a while and u are still as funny as ever XD

  6. Even they collect the money, they wont jaga the car also, what's the point paying them?

  7. Wah! Seriously, they are quite f-up. These kind of money also want to earn. *sigh*

  8. yes dammit i agree with you! i hate these money begging buggers!!!

  9. kian fai ~ yalor! they're just a group of lecher!

    kristin ~ yalor! they seems can't earn for a living using both their brain! I bet they are just brainless =_="

    ernest ~ Ya! I hate them so much!I just hope the government will do something about this issue. They has been harassing a lot of visitors since they start the parking fees crap!

  10. i hate the parasit.. wait there for easy money.. rather than find a proper job.. end up be gangster only..

  11. i wonder if they dare to kutip like this in mosque or not.

  12. Nikel ~ Yalo! a bunch of useless gangster =_="

    Small Kucing ~ Haha! I don't think they'll kutip fees but instead prepare free drinks for the visitors! They only take advantages of others instead of their own people..

  13. urmm...ur ranting is acceptable..
    but i hope dont put the ending phrase as they are worse than OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) or I should call them OTU (Orang Tiada Upaya)(quite insulting to the OKUs as in the 'worse' part and a burden to other people)-instead write down as OKU are even better than them as they have lawful and legal jobs compared to those parasites


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