Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Preparations Part1

Sorry for blogging too much about contest. Since the nuffies had their break, we should take a break from joining contest too!

So what were we both busy at these few weeks?? 
very obvious right? hehe!! 

Anyway, we're still in the stage of preparations. Usually preparations takes about half a year before the actual day of marriage, so you can try to do your calculations on our wedding date. An extra tips, it's shorter than half a year of preparation XD

About a month ago, we booked our wedding photography session with Wedding Touch Studios since they gave us quite a good deal. After sharing our thoughts with the manager and the makeup artist of the studio, we were told to wear contact lenses! FYI, we were both "4 eyes monkey" as illustrated in our cartoon! Without glasses, we were both like a blind couple -_-"

At this crucial moments, nuffnang came to the rescue! Haha! We got this "1 Day Acuvue Moist" ads running on our blog! Through the ads, we found that they were actually offering a 3 days trial of the contact lenses! Such a cheapskate couple.

We went the the Jee Kwong optic at Jalan Kulas to get our free contact lenses. 

For someone who never use contact lenses, we took almost half an hour just to put it on and another half an hour to take it off! -_-" Anyway, for the sake of nice pictures, we'll just bear with it!

Yesterday we went to our "Wedding Touch Studios" to take our photos, so here's the candid I took while waiting for Egg!

a very cute figure in the shop

I never seen Egg did her makeup so I don't really know how long it takes to makeup! Well, I was sitting there for more than an hour waiting for Egg and the makeup artist!

During the makeup sessions

They took pictures of Egg before and after the makeup session. I guess this was their quality control procedure or maybe Egg looks too different after making-up? -_-"

Is this Egg??!! *rubbing eyes (yolk)

The photo sessions starts from 10am to 5pm with a 30 minutes lunch break! Very tiring leh! 

Egg's shoe nice or not? hehe..

There's actually 7 type of dresses to try out during the photo shoots. All 7 sets come with different hair style and accessories.

One of my favourite ^_^

Trying out another dress

 The Kimonos! 

The Empress! I'm the xiu tai zhi! lol!

Our photographer!

All in all, our experience with Wedding Touch Studios is quite good in terms of their service but the bad thing is that they sold us a NU Bra with the price of RM80!! In fact, it only cost RM30 online! SWT! 

I guess that's how they do their business -_-" So girls, if you plan to go for your pre-wedding shoots, buy our own NU bra instead of buying from them...

Well, that's just the 1st part. We'll write about the outcome of the photos and the photo albums after we received it.

By: Egg & Yolk