Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sensing Danger

When you perceive danger, either real or imagined, your body responds instantly with a series of chemical and muscular changes that readies you for physical combat or to run away.

So does animals. They tend to use their special ability to protect themselves from harm (either to defend or to escape) when they sense danger.

Squid discharge the ink to hide their escape

Porcupine shoot its quills to defend itself

As for our KiKi, he'll unleashed his ultimate defend when ever he is under attack....



"Submissive urination" can be exhibited by both male and female dogs and by any breed. This behavior is commonly seen in young dogs and often is accompanied by the dog rolling over on its back and licking the counterpart's face. It's very normal. A dog will display this behavior to assure the other dog or person of his complete submission and surrender. He wants to make sure he won't get in trouble or hurt and so shows that he is giving in completely to the other's seniority and dominance. It's the ultimate sign of surrender.