Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot

Hmm..I don’t have a surfing spot that I like yet. Why? Because I’m using a cabled internet connection! I can’t even move my computer or else the cables will be all over the places!

Other than that, my house’s router is placed in the living room, which means, I have to surf or online while people walking around me. I don’t even have a chance to visit those *ehem! site.

I’m not sure about you guys, but I feel really irritated when people looking at me when I'm doing my things. Sometime when I was writing blog and someone just come by and said “wrong spelling lar…”, I felt like turning around and said “See what see! 38!”. But to avoid any quarrels, I’ll just turn around and frowned.

Well, I really hope to have a place of my own to surf. Somewhere which is quiet, clean and spacious. The only place I can think of which satisfy all my demands is the living room of my new house (where I'll be staying alone until Egg moves in). It’s going to be my favorite surfing spot. Why?

I’m going to fix an air conditioner at the living room, furnish it with an L-shaped sofa and rectangular coffee table, a home theatre system, and not forgetting, a portable modem wiggy!

P1 Wiggy USB

With all these, I can sit back and enjoy surfing the net without worrying about those messy cables while listening to my favorite tune.

With such comfortable surfing spot, how can I miss out a plate of Kuching Sio Bee and a can of chilled Shandy. Life is just too good to be true!

Famous Kuching Sio Bee

Chilled Shandy

Anyway, that’s all just my imagination. Hopefully, I’ll have my house ready soon and P1WIMAX spreads it’s coverage until Kuching.

Until then, I’m stuck at my little corner of surfing spot =_=”

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

by: Egg & Yolk


  1. looking at yr planned living room makes me long for one just like that..but nah it will never work, soon my kid's books n toys will b all over and my wife's flowers n books, laptops will clutter the place. how do you tell a kid to leave u alone when u r blogging when the kid is a blogger himself? sigh sigh

  2. bengbeng ~ haha! i can't imagine what will happen to me when i have kids. i don't think i can blog as often as now. Maybe Egg and I will take turn to blog and looking after the children =_="

  3. Don't worry about the kids bro,you must worry about the father..afraid the father busy blogging till forgot, he have kids..ahaks3. Anyway nice entry very simple. Gudluck

  4. Wow...yous even nicer lo...haha! Good job!

    p/s: I miss kuching food~

  5. Totally understand how you feel. It's the same set up here! Right now my 6 cousins are watching Spongebob and one cousin just approached the pc and asked what I'm doing. Haha! So yeah...

  6. Me Tooo! I hate people peeping on things i do using the PC. especially kids..it's so annoying but i thought i was over sensitive!

  7. hahaz.. don worry.. kuching soon will have !
    use wadeva we hav in kuching 1st. hahaz..

  8. JAI ~ thanks bro!!

    Joshua ~ want me tapao some Kuching food for you?? :P

    Joyce ~ LOL! that's pretty irritating -_-"

    MsXeRoz ~ I guess we are just normal people XD

    mICHael ~ Yup, we're still stick with Streamyx -_-"

  9. gud luck... hoping yu also can feel the p1wimax... nice 1.. ahaks


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