Sunday, March 28, 2010

Love World Love Sloggi

As a typical Malaysian, I love “freebies”! In fact, everybody wants to have things for free! Wouldn’t you?

For the westerners, who do you think they love most? It’s Santa Clause!!! He gives away free presents during Christmas!!

As for Asian, especially the Chinese, we love “God of Fortune” as he gives us free Ang Pao during the Lunar Chinese New Year!

However, there’s no prove to show the existence of both Santa Clause and God of Fortune, and they are just mere imagination of our greedy mind =_=” In fact, there’s someone greater than Santa Clause and Fortune God who has been giving us so many things for free without asking for any repayment.
Not our boss, because we do not get our salary for free.

Not our government, because we pay taxes!

It’s our World!

It gives us free air to breath

It gives us free soil to grow foods

It gives us free water for us to consume

I love the world so much because it never fails to give me all these for FREE!

BUT! Not every one of us loves our world! They cut down trees and destroy the fertility of soils, they contaminated the air with pollutants, and they polluted water with tones of rubbish (especially plastic bottles).

While the world suffers from these ill acts of people, Sloggi stands out and shows the world what they can do to help cleaning the world!

Sloggi recently introduces their Spring 2010 collection that inspires by the passion of a cleaner world. Their “love world” collection is made of 90% Polyester (yarn material is produced from 100% recycled plastic bottles) and 10% Elastane. Other than being GREEN to the environment, these Sloggi’s collection comes with colourful patterns (yellow green, orangy pink, grey brown, black – M014) and fashionable design!

Other than that, Sloggi is always recognized as a brand which fits perfectly even being wear and wash for many times. People also say Sloggi briefs give the comfort of cotton next to their skin. The British claim that Sloggi briefs “fit like a glove” whereas the French call their Sloggis “les indéformables” – which tells its own Sloggi-tale.

I say “Sloggi! Best in Malaysia and Singapore, some say the whole world!”

How can we not love Sloggi which gives us perfect comfort while helps to make our world cleaner?

Here's a fun animation to end this post!

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By: Egg and Yolk