Friday, April 9, 2010

The only drinks that cool "U" & me

We have been working very hard these few days! guess what? We're making another video!! woohoo!!
You ask "What video are we doing??" hehe.. It's...
We thought of joining this contest long ago when Nuffnang started promoting it through their ads. But due to our drained creative juice, we just sit in front of our computer and look at the prizes being won (by others)!

After days of thoughts and planning, we set out our journey to snap pictures for our animation!
Our Slurpee

Starring: EGG!!

Kalefe (co-actor) : YOLK! (doing stupid face -_-")

Special appearance : Our car!

"wah! my Slurpee looks SOOOO COOL!!!"

"It taste SOOOO GOOD!"

Filling your car radiator with Slurpee?

For your information, Slurpee now comes with free topping!
(only available upon request -_-")

While I was taking pictures of Egg and the car, I notice something at the left side of the car!!

notice anything?

Notice something??

It's a stalker! (Drinking Slurpee too?)

Well! After all the editing and all the sounding, here's our final product!!

If you think it's nice and worth your vote, please give us your golden vote!

  1. If you're not a Slurpee Nation's member, kindly register yourself here You might win yourself a brand new Music CD
  2. Click The only drinks that cool "U" & me to watch our video
  3. Click VOTE if you think the video makes your day :D
If you have your own wacky idea of making a funny video with Slurpee, do join this contest as they are ending soon! Only left week 4, week 5 and final week!

Week 4 (April 15)
RM500 Cash + Slurpee T-Shirt (x1)

Week 5 (April 22)
RM500 Cash + Slurpee T-Shirt (x1)

Final week (April 29)
Grand Prize (x1)
3D/2N Air-inclusive Package – Room, Breakfast and Dinner at Berjaya Redang Resort for 2 persons

1st Prize (x1)
3D/2N Air-inclusive Package - Room, Breakfast and Dinner at Berjaya Tioman Resort for 2 persons

2nd Prize (x1)
3D/2N stay in a Deluxe Chalet inclusive of breakfast at Berjaya Langkawi Resort for 2 persons

3rd Prize (x2)
2D/1N Spa Package at Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills for 2 persons

Go! Slurpee!! The Coolest Drink on Earth!

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. Lol, yolk u look like a murderer in that photo!
    Hope u win the grand prize^^

  2. kelvin ~ LOL!! I forgot to shave that day!! hahaha!!

  3. It had been sometime I drank slurpee. LOL

  4. cool. i always admire at ur production. rreally interesting.

  5. LEon ~ go get some now! it taste great!

    Richard ~ hey! you're flattering me XD

    Merryn ~ thanks!! but i need voted -_-"

    Bengbeng ~ thank you thank you :D

  6. OMGOMG!!! come ur ALza so fast hot temperature one???

  7. haha.. cool.. is this the first time you two reveal your faces? i've never seen the real of you guys before.. =P

  8. ohh finally i can see the real eggyolks hehe :) creative vidz, dude! :D

  9. Wow the flash is really awesome! But I nearly thought see the "lightbulb" as a "sun". Lol!

    You definitely should win it!

  10. MsXeRoZ Nicole ~ haha! traffic jam get hot very easily

    kenwooi ~ paiseh! paiseh! XD

    fitrihadi ~ XD malu lar..

    Reddish ~ haha! thanks :D

  11. Cool Bro...will vote...sempat ke??

  12. :D Awesome animation! :D
    Btw, we seriously can get the topping for FREE? :D, that topping looks quite cool

  13. JAI ~ Thanks! but unfortunately, we didn't win :(

    Jinwei ~ Yup! it's nice..sweet and a bit sour XD

  14. I saw your video. It's nicely done seriously. I'm totally noob and suddenly they ask me to join I totally stoned for a while before I said yes. Was thinking how on earth to make a video and get ppl to vote.LOL XD

  15. oh cool! finally i get to see egg and yolk in real person. =) good luck weh


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