Saturday, April 17, 2010

Being Kissed A*s

Initially, me and Egg had a planned a good date by going to see Ah Niu and Ping Guan from "Puppylove Ice Kacang".

ah Niu

Ping Guan

They were having this meet-fans event at Pullman, Kuching around 7.30pm.

Since we were driving our new car, we parked our car in the basement car park for better security.

We drove gracefully and found a space with plenty of car parks. Without hesitation, we parked and leave for the event. After leaving our car for around 5 minutes, Egg asked me if I did lock the car. I rushed back to our car as I couldn't really remember.

After confirmed that our car was locked, I notice another car came and park beside us.

Let this animation show you what happened!

Guess what that idiot asked me when his car kissed my car's a*s!
He don't even know what to do when his car bumped the rear side of our car!! Is he an idiot or what! I got so pissed off that I scold him and instructed him to turn his car away =_="

Our poor Alza.....wu~wu~

That idiot said he'll pay the repairing fees then he gave us his phone number and name card. I was wondering if he later deny the incident, what should we do? report to police?

*we took pictures of his car with the plate number and even road tax number (for safety measures)

By: poor Egg & Yolk and their Alza -_-"


  1. Lol chill, at least he give u his contact no.~ I guess from wat u described he as, he is not a bad person lah. Just blur blur :D

  2. if my brand new myv kena like this i think i will kill the person~

  3. kelvin ~ hopefully he'll pay up the bill for the repair...sigh

    xiao mei ~ we almost chop him into 18 pieces liao...grrr...

  4. Should take his ic number along, haha.. for reference..

  5. 1st of all, bring him to perodua.
    2nd, change the whole plastic and get new spray.
    3rd, give the broken to him.
    4th, ask him to pay.

    no negotiation in this matter. new car must go back to new. he broke it, he pay, he got the broken piece, u got the brand new piece like it has never broken before. what he want to do with the broken piece, is his business. tell him if he no want pay, you will find ppl to beat him up. definitely no negotiation. if u just repair or spray spray and still got mark leave behind, then u r stupid. i bet u know many samseng right? can use them. ask ur students help u get their gang if needed.

  6. reminds me of me...not that i've done it before but i nearly hit another car parked on the roadside because of the turning. i can't figure out how it works yet though.. well, thank goodness so far, i'm still safe on the roads.. last year i had 6 accidents myself. 4 within 3 months and subsequently they came but not all of them involved cars.

    anyway, what has happened, has happened... it's a lesson for him to learn. do you think if you didn't see the whole incident and it was a hit and run, you would hv reacted differently?

  7. Aw... poor alza. I hope the guy will do wat he sais he will. Take care you two =)

  8. You guys are lucky to be in the car and witness it. For all you know, he might have done that before and NO ONE had notice it!

  9. some people are just pretty careless.. =/

  10. At least he still give you his contact. Did you call the no. on the spot? In case he gave you a invalid no.

  11. Nice...visit me at

  12. Oh man, ouch, when watching the video, i also feel the painfulness of the car D:

  13. Guys! thanks for the concern XD

    That idiot paid us already..but we still felt the pain in the heart -_-"

    Hopefully it won't happen again -_-"

    john ~ gangsterism can't solve the problem la. I might end up in lockup -_-" But I did scold him as if i'm a gangster la LOL!

    esther ~ 6 accidents in a year (*jaw dropped) it must be a very painful experience for you >_<. We were really lucky to witness the whole incident XD

    Kimberly ~ thanks..sob..sob..our car~~

    atreyu strange ~ yalor..I think we're considered lucky in a sense -_-"

    kenwooi ~ that idiot had a "P" sticking on his car -_-"

    reddish ~ We scolded that guy on the spot. Some sort like we caught him red-handed XD

    san ling ~ visited you too :D

    jinwei ~ you feel it too..wu~wu~ such a pain in the a*s -_-"


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