Saturday, April 17, 2010

Being Kissed A*s

Initially, me and Egg had a planned a good date by going to see Ah Niu and Ping Guan from "Puppylove Ice Kacang".

ah Niu

Ping Guan

They were having this meet-fans event at Pullman, Kuching around 7.30pm.

Since we were driving our new car, we parked our car in the basement car park for better security.

We drove gracefully and found a space with plenty of car parks. Without hesitation, we parked and leave for the event. After leaving our car for around 5 minutes, Egg asked me if I did lock the car. I rushed back to our car as I couldn't really remember.

After confirmed that our car was locked, I notice another car came and park beside us.

Let this animation show you what happened!

Guess what that idiot asked me when his car kissed my car's a*s!
He don't even know what to do when his car bumped the rear side of our car!! Is he an idiot or what! I got so pissed off that I scold him and instructed him to turn his car away =_="

Our poor Alza.....wu~wu~

That idiot said he'll pay the repairing fees then he gave us his phone number and name card. I was wondering if he later deny the incident, what should we do? report to police?

*we took pictures of his car with the plate number and even road tax number (for safety measures)

By: poor Egg & Yolk and their Alza -_-"