Monday, March 15, 2010

Kuntum (the Star) Colouring contest@the Spring

It has been quite some time that we blogged about contest. So we’ll just update some events in Kuching that we took part.

Last Saturday, the Star organized a children colouring contest at their road show in the Spring.

Guess what, I (Yolk) was asked to be the judge. It was my first time being a judge and I’m afraid that my poor judgement skill might end up picking the wrong winner! Thankfully Egg was there to help me as she was part of the organiser.

Most of them brought their own gadgets (Tables & Crayons)

Those children were given 40 minutes to complete the whole colouring process. Those parents were very supportive. I notice a father brought food and drinks for his son when his son was busy doing the colouring.

Kids these days are just too fortunate -_-"

All of a sudden, a question runs through my head, “Will my kids join these contest in the future? I turned around and asked Egg then she replied “of course!” I was glad! You know what I mean? hehe!

The contest ended and picking the winner was like a breeze. Not because I’m a good judge but because I was helped by Egg and her colleagues.

The winners!

By the way, I’m proud to announce a good news here to all our friends! (Not about marriage lar)

Egg finally got her Perodua Alza!! A black metallic premium version! I guess I don’t have to be her driver anymore XD

By: Egg & Yolka


  1. OMG! Kuntum. I think 14yrs ago, i was one of the contestants there. Did join some activities by Kumtum those days~ Gratz on Yolk on getting her Alza. I know the feeling of having a new car! Truly exciting!!!!

    Btw, the boy u drew, looks like Crayon Shin Chan! hahhaa..

  2. Nicole ~ haha! good old days. It's actually Egg who bought the car, i'm still riding my motorcycle -_-"

    Seriously, the boy who I mention does looks like shin chan XD only that he's not hamsap XD

    fakhruddin ~ Yup! It was fun :D

  3. wa` new car.

    i remember when i was young. i participated in coloring contest too. didn't win anything. lol

  4. i only know kuntum as a magazine, nothing more.. primary school stuff.

  5. i knew about kuntum haha.. sekuntum bunga! =D

    and nice car!

  6. haha..'s quite funny how you put it..where parents bringing food for their kids.. i nvr liked colouring contests cos i dont hv the talent.. but kids are developing really well these days..

  7. aww...egg and yolk..thats like sweetest combination! Im getting diabetic! :-P

  8. richard ~ you're still young ma..can still join colouring contest XD

    super chao ~ I guess they are not popular in S'wak yet

    kenwooi ~ that's what i thought when i 1st see the word. I thought the mascot is some flower thingy =_=

    esther ~ these days learn almost everything! art, music, maths, computer, english literature, dance, etc..

    ohmywtf ~ thanks! but i still prefer egg and yolk in soybean sauce and some white pepper :P


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