Sunday, December 28, 2008

24th Dec 2008 (Final Hunt!!YEAH!!)

Minex Jewellery Finder's Keepers treasure hunt
24th December:-

Christmas Eve… I guess all of you guys already planned where to go on this day. But my bf and I still not yet planned where to go. One thing that we planned was where to go early in the morning. I guessed u guys also know where we went la. You are right! We went to Tun Jugah Minex Jewellery. Today is the last day of the Finder’s Keepers Treasure Hunt but without searching. Only picking. There will be 300 boxes in which only two boxes contain jewellery.

Before the event started, we went to the coffeeshop near Tun Jugah to have our breakfast. We ate mee pok. But it was like uncooked la. Eat also no mood. I couldn’t finish mine cos felt like vomit.

We entered Tun Jugah roughly around 10.30am. Quite many people hanging around waiting for the boxes. After Ben gave the speech, we started to pick. Because my hand were too short so I have pick the nearest ones.

I picked and my bf picked. Before I opened the box, I told my bf that “eh, I think my box got something la. Do you hear that?”

My bf said open and see la. Then I opened the red ribbon. I said got got got. Really got. But it was a small jewellery. I was very happy because I couldn’t expect to get a jewellery out of 300 boxes. It seemed like 大海捞针.

After that Ben said we could go for second round. I asked my bf whether I could get another one box or not. Ben said just go ahead. So I picked another box with green ribbon. Once I took it, I shook it. I told my bf.
“eh, you believed I got another one jewellery.” I shook it and let him listened.

He said “open open faster open”. I gave the box I took it earlier on to him and I started to open the green ribbon.

The first thing I said was “El Siu (something like Wah Lao la)! I really got it la.”

How come so lucky. By that time, I really felt sorry because I got both of the jewellery for today.

Am I dreaming? Really unbelievable.

Ben and Norman said I could go to buy TOTO. Haha. I guessed they were right.

My bf fetch me over to TOTO and Jalan Stutong. I really wonder I was lucky or unlucky la. You know what happen?

My cute lovely Nike sandal putus la. Alamak. Haven’t got chance to go in the TOTO, my sandal already putus. I like my sandal very much. How come putus la. Aiyo. i pai ka walked into TOTO with my bf.
Then my bf helped me to take over to the tukang kasut. But…sigh… see my sandal I already no mood to say. My cute lovely sandal became a bit cacat after repaired.

Am I lucky or unlucky? Or I still dreaming?
Story boarding: Egg

Comic artist: Yolk