Sunday, December 28, 2008

20th Dec 2008

Minex Jewellery Finder's Keepers treasure hunt
20th December riddle: -
Under the roof of the independent warrior, I’ll be lurking in the shadows.

It sounds like a monument to us. So my bf searched around independent monument. Searched everywhere. But not found. He went over to the museum. Nothing was there. The next place he went was Friendship Garden. Nothing there as well.

How come everyday raining. Getting wet everyday. Seems like drop soup chicken (落汤鸡), Maybe u guys said it was cool wet look. Hehe.

[*yolk=> when i draw this chicken, i misput the wordings. It should be drop soup chicken, but i put drop chicken soup. Maybe I keep thinking of Ben's (minex) free chicken soup!!lol!!]
After searching the whole morning, my bf finally gave up. After lunch, I continued searching with him out there. Going to old court house, Waterfront, and then searching at the Friendship Garden again but in vain.

Yet until the next day 21st of December, the treasure was not found. We tried to figure out where was that. Then we thought it was Pizza Hut. As Pizza Hut Logo got a roof, so it might be the place. That night we went there for dinner. Wah.. What a traffic jam. Caroling parade at that area. Hungry until can eat an elephant.

Finally, we went into the Pizza Hut. But before went in, we saw the Pizza Hut business hours is on 11am. We a bit doubt. Whether Ben would put the box at a place started on 11am? Our mind filled with question marks. However, we didn’t care much because we were too hungry. After order the pizza, we start to look around. Nothing again. We continued to enjoy our meal.

22nd December, we searched for it again. This time we went to a new place. It was Taman Kereta as it was named Roof Top. We searched all around. Searched until it turned upside down but in vain. Wah. Tired already. The riddle seemed to be too difficult la.
My bf said maybe we had misunderstood the riddle. But where to search for that oh.

23rd December, we got hint from Ben that the box was inside Tun Jugah. So roughly 10.10am, we went over there. Many people were searching. My bf said since so many days couldn’t find it so it should be at the place which was not obvious. It was either in basement carpark or emergency staircase. We went over to the basement. Scanning through. Under there really scary and kind of humid. We scan very fast. Looking through. But not found.

This time we went to the emergency stairs. Before going inside, we made sure the door can be opened because the door only can be opened one side only. Meaning that we could open the door inside Tun Jugah. But at the staircase there, we couldn’t open to go inside Tun Jugah. Sound scary hoh. We made a quick searched in there. Nothing found again. Ultimately, we gave up. It was a terrible experience.

The treasure was found by Norman at the basement. Congratulation Norman ^_^

Story boarding : Egg

Comic: Yolk