Sunday, December 28, 2008

23th Dec 2008 (with nice tasty ICECREAM!!)

Minex Jewellery Finder's Keepers treasure hunt
23rd December riddle:-
It’s soft, it’s sweet, and it’s served with a twist. Find this place, I’m not hard to miss.

I love ice-cream… Sunny Hill vanilla ice-cream… How about you guys? It is the place we used to go. Everytime we will tapao the RM3.60 ice-cream and eat in car.

Once after I read the riddle this morning, I told my bf that it was at Sunny Hill. Without dilly-dally, he zoomed over there. But who knows, traffic jam la.. Driving F1 also no use. When he reached there about 9.30am, he told me no one there. He started to bend up and down and he saw a guy came to search around. After awhile he got a message from Ian saying that someone had found it earlier on before he arrived. So he stopped searching all around and went home. (sob..sob..)

It was the first time going to Sunny Hill without eating ice-cream.

Story boarding: Egg
Comic artist: Yolk