Sunday, December 28, 2008

18th Dec 2008 (3rd day search)

Minex Jewellery Finder's Keepers treasure hunt
18th December riddle:-
Out in the open, yet hidden in a bunch. The path of winding water you shall follow, Until a 101114221716 crosses your path.

Same strategy again. I stayed at home, my bf hunted outside. The first thing we thought of after reading the reader was Waterfront. But we can’t even figure out the number. Is it toto number? Car number? Shop number or alphabet position? We try to figure the alphabet position but all such alphabet couldn’t be combined to a word. So we just ignored it.

My bf, the lone ranger hunted at the Waterfront without any clue. The wholeday raining. Heavier and heavier. Many people were searching around at Waterfront.

My bf met Norman as well and get clue from Norman that the numbers is decoded and it was HILTON. However, searching there for few hours, nothing was found. He went back for lunch and thought of bringing me over to have a search over there. In the afternoon, we went over to Waterfront searching for it. We met Norman again. He still searching over there. Wah….. Rain getting heavier and heavier. Holding umbrella until hand also pain and sour. Still can remember vividly in my mind that while I am searching, I heard my bf shout.. Wah Wah Wah….

I asked Hamik kau sai and I turned towards him…

Walao eh…His shirt black shirt is full of red orange moving stuff. Guess what is that. ANTS. Many ants on his shirt. Front and back.

At that moment , what I was thinking HIT. I hit him as hard I could. Haha. Y? That day 16th December he mata juling lo. Didn’t see the number on the 5 Loaves Café. Hit until my hands also pain. Don’t know I was hitting the ants or kay kay wanted to hit him. Hehe.

We started searching again. When we thought of searching from the tua pek kong side until the Hilton, Norman called up. He said Ben was with them and he said the box was gone already but no one called him to claim the prize. We saw Ben at that time also but he was across the road near the place where the box was hidden. Actually it was hidden in the bushes somewhere at the worker’s car park right after Hilton.
However, until now, the box owner we still not sure. Maybe the hotel cleaner who took it or maybe dog took it I guess la.
We just like soaked with water. Wholebody wet and hand pain some more. What a busy and wet day. Very cold some more. Freezing le.

Story boarding : Egg
Comic: Yolk