Sunday, December 28, 2008

19th Dec 2008 (Still searching)

Minex Jewellery Finder's Keepers treasure hunt
19th December riddle: - Before you leave in search of treasure, let me first arrive at this place. There you’ll find me staring into space.

The first thing we thought of was Civic Centre. So my bf went there. Searching here and there but couldn’t find at all.

Then we thought it was a “ Batu” ( monument) which was staring into the space. Then we try to figure out how many monument is that then he went to search one by one. “Admiral Cheng Ho”, “James Brooke monument (but not in the museum right now)”, Dinosaur (somewhere near Kenyalang Park)”. But nothing.

He gave up. He went over to Kenyalang Park old market and eat. Wah..people searching outside, he went to enjoy over there. Really thought of “Batu” him. Haha.

Finally, after he ate, he went back. We thought of the riddle wholeday. We found out it might be airport.

Therefore, we went there that night. We walked up and down, here and there. But don’t really dare to search it obviously because many police walking here and there. Looks scary. We keep notice at the sign board of aeroplane. Looking around the pot near the sign board. Nothing was found. Searching near Starbucks. Searching at the place for viewing aeroplane.No also.

Searching for an hour plus, we decided to go home. When we walked passed the information counter, we overheard a couple (a man in black shirt, a girl in white shirt holding a big bag) asking the staff and the counter “what is staring into the space?”
We saw the staff just like kind of shock of that question. She said “Huh!”
The black shirt guy with a white shirt gal with bag asking the staff what is staring into the space. The staff shocked and said huh.
The guy repeated again. Haha. It sounded funny. We laughed all the way walking to the carpark. Maybe others will laugh on us while we were searching up and down also. Hehe.

The box was hidden under one of KFC (Kuching International Airport) table at near to the place for viewing aeroplane depart and arrive. The box was THROWN AWAY BY THE KFC WORKER!!

Story boarding : Egg
Comic: Yolk