Sunday, December 28, 2008

22th Dec 2008 (Finally we got the diamond!!)-Updated!

Minex Jewellery Finder's Keepers treasure hunt
22nd December riddle: -
In clouds of fire, this creature awaits. Red is the key; It lights my way.

Feeling sick. I woke up late (9.10am). Alamak. The riddle was out. I quickly on my pc and called my bf.

"Halo, halo, Where are you?”.. He said he was at Batu Lintang Bomba. At first I still don’t get why he wanted to go to Bomba.

After he explained, I found that it quite made sense but I told him why don’t go Tua Pek Kong Temple. He said he thought of it but Bomba seemed to be more to the riddle. He added on that if he couldn’t find at Bomba then he would go to Tua Pek Kong Temple.

Few minutes later, he rushed to Tua Pek Kong Temple. When he reached, he said seemed likes not here la because many workers were painting the colourless dragon. I said searched first la since you were there already. Then suddenly he shout “ wait wait wait! I saw something blue.” He rushed over to the broom and he found the box.
Finally, Ultimately, we found it. We closed our hand n said popi popi….

Very blur...cos i use my phone to take this pic -_-"

Haha! Finally IT'S MINE!!!

Story boarding : Egg
Comic: Yolk